I admit it, I usually agree with Jakob Nielsen.

(e.g. "Let Users Control Font Size"

[url]http://www.useit.com/alertbox/20020819.html[/url] )

Not just because I'm a fogeyette by nature, but because I have mediocre
eyesight on which the warranty has expired, and a monitor to match.

What I don't understand is, why do webpages mostly specify a font size in pt
or px? What benefit does this give *anyone*? Will I have problems if I don't
use an absolute value for font size for normal paragraphs? Do I even have to
put a relative value, like "medium", in my CSS?

Can I persuade you guys to stop specifying that the main text of your pages
be in 10pt or smaller? Because while 10pt is legible, reading it for any
extended period gives me a headache, which makes me cranky -- and you won't
like me when I'm cranky.

Mary Ellen Curtin
(I'm not going to link to my websites because I'm just learning how to redo
them in CSS, and they're in desperate need of updating anyway)