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> Any body know how to force IE to open the Acrobat plug-in locally?
I read the thread and did not catch a platform mention, and you
specifically talk about "plug-in" rather than "control"... I do know
that some IE/Mac did have problems finding local EMBEDs, but haven't
tracked whether the subsequent versions addressed this problem.

.... hmm, then again, Acrobat really isn't an in-line browser plugin,
it's more like a separate process invoked by the browser, so people
often present a link to the PDF rather than use the normal OBJECT/EMBED
structure. There could be a couple more unconstrained variables in the

One quicker path is to see whether that browser successfully deals with
any known-to-be-good HTML requesting PDF... try it with Adobe's own help
files or other materials, for instance, to see if that browser can open
*any* local PDF. This tactic could help reveal the core of the problem.


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