well from what i gather, your only using sata drives, so
during the install it asks about scsi drivers, you need to
press f6 and install the sata drivers, if that fails ,
remove one of the cpu's and install the os, then install
the second cpu and follow microsoft directions on that
>-----Original Message-----
>I just built two pcs with asus P4R800-V Deluxe boards 2Gb
>ram 2.4 ghz p4s 800mhz fsb sony dvd-rom and duel 120Gb
>sata western digital hard drives. I am trying to install
>windows server 2003 web edition on them and they keep
>locking up. After several attempts to install on both
>machines I finally got it installed and updated but it
>still is locking up on both machines. Both machines will
>run xp and linux fine but lockup during install before
>any drivers are installed in various places of install.I
>have tried installing on a 40Gb wd harddrive for this is
>my first try at sata and win 2003.any help would be
>greatly apriciated. thanks steve