I'm setting up CPS and Contribute 3 on a large site. Users in different
departments have access to specific folders that contain their pages. What I
can't seem to be able to do is to add virtual directories to the users' list of
folders to edit (though I really just want them to be able to link to files in
those virtual directories). The virtual directories contain doent libraries
(agendas, minutes, reports, media releases) that are maintained by another
system, so it seemed like a good idea to keep those folders out of the root
folder of the site that the CPS manages. But those virtual directories don't
show up in the list of folders to allow users to edit. Has anyone run into this
problem and found a way around it? I could just drop the virtual directory idea
if that's the only way.

Tom Benjamin
Web Development yst
Capital Regional District, Victoria, BC, Canada