I have trawled the net for the answers I need and I find myself more
and more frustrated. I have a NEC Versa C150 Notebook with a 3com
X-Jack PCMCIA Wi-Fi Card.

I am trying to use it with my Apple Airport Dual Ethernet Base
Station, I can get the laptop to see the Airport Network and signal
strength is good, however I cannot access resources like the internet
or network shares or other computers on the LAN. I cannot ping the
base station either.

Is there a online tutorial?

Is it going to be trial and error?

I know other people have got this configuration to work, but they
never actually describe the means of getting it to work.

My laptops Wi-Fi card is set to get its info via DHCP and does so, but
the info the Airport gives it seems to bear no relation to the LAN

My LAN's subnet mask is and the airport gives my laptop
a mask of there is also no gateway information being
supplied by the base station.

I have used an apple iBook with the Airport so I know its working
properly on the Mac side of things, but PC....... well I feel like im
banging my head against a brick wall.

ANY help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation of your solution.

Sean aka GhostyDog on irc.undernet