We have a classroom lab of Windows XP Pro machines attempting to use
some courseware that is designed and delivered in Shockwave. Here is
my problem... when I log into the computer as the Administrator and
view the courseware, everything works great. However, when I log into
the computer as the Limited User account, we couldn't get Shockwave to
work. So we figured it was a rights problem, and we gave
Administrator rights on "C:\Doents and Settings\[User
Account]\Local Settings\Temp" folder and Shockwave was able to now
run. Now the new problem is that there are text boxes that require
you to type into them, and instead of excepting to numbers, it is only
accepting 1 number to be typed in. And the text seems to be bigger
than it was as logged in as Administrator.... but all the same
settings around screen resolution, etc exist.

Any ideas????? Any help would be greatly appreciated.