Question "how to get connected" seems to return to this group (I was
also posing it quite recently). I think I have found a perfect solution
for a traveller in London. It's the K+K George Hotel where I'm currently


what's interesting is that you don't have to stay at the hotel to enjoy
it's free Airport access. It is roaming on the whole ground level,
including a nice garden where I'm sitting right now. The cheesy way to
use it would be to just come with your iBook or powerbook to the hotel
lobby and pretend you're waiting for someone. But a perfectly acceptable
way is to just enter the publicly available bar, order a pint of draught
Guiness (GBP 2.90) and surf all the way you want. I think it's much
better than the Starbucks et al solution, because their Airport service
is insanely expensive (five pounds for just one day!), not to mention
that they don't offer Guiness :-). It's free at this hotel (no password
etc), you just have to pay for your drink or meal, and the prices are
about the London average. I think there MUST exist other FREE Airport
sites around the city, but I have no idea how to find them.

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