I'm on a WISP at home and while normally I have an average to strong
signal, it occasionally just drops out for about four or five seconds
according to Netstumbler. I suspect this is due to some interference
from some trees in my line of sight to the transmission tower, and
I've already raised my own antenna, so I'm pretty much stuck there.
If the signal only drops for a second or so, XP does not automatically
drop the connection, but if it goes for longer than 2-3 seconds, XP
drops it, especially if I'm downloading a file or similar. What I
would like to know is if there is anyway to extend the time that XP
will allow no signal before dropping the connection. If I could get
it up to 9-10 seconds or so, then the vast majority of my
disconnections would be eliminated, and I would only have a "pause"
online while XP waited for the signal to appear again.

I'm on XP SP1 using an Orinoco USB Silver 802.11b Client. Many