As has been stated here previously, there appears to be an issue which
prevents the installation of Flash Player when pushed from SMS to a
system which has a standard user logged in, even when using a Domain Admin
installation account. As long as the user has Admin rights, or there is no
user logged on, the install goes smoothly.

I work in a partial retail environment, and all of our retail machines are
rebooted nightly via a sheduled task. So, naturally when I was tasked with
pushing Flash Player to these mahcines, and found the above issue, I simply
only allowed the program to kick off when no user was logged on. Thus, when
each machine reboots and sits at ctrl+alt+del at 3AM, viola, the install kicks
off, Flash installs, and everyone's happy.

I now have to push Flash Player 9 to the rest of my company, with no guarantee
that many machines will ever sit for any appreciable time logged off. In fact,
the only time most of them reboot is when we force them to after Windows
Updates each month. =op

Has anyone found a fix for this issue? I'd really love to be able to
advertise Flash and let the user install from Add/Remove Programs at their

Thanks in advance!