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How can I get rid of this thing?...

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    Default Worm

    How can I get rid of this thing?
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    ndevito Guest

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    Default Worm

    Go to
    Search for blaster in their search field.
    They have both manual and automatic fixes that should be
    able to clean you box.
    Joel Guest

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    Default worm

    when I try to download patch info, the worm shuts me down
    before I can fathom the directions. I have Windows there a quick method to fix this?
    Twyla Guest

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    Default Worm

    Im no expert ...but if i were you....i would try to install
    it is safe mode 
    Jeff Guest

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    Default RE: worm


    Set the RPC Service to "Take No Action" and reboot, this should allow you to download the patch and install it.

    Jeff Brown
    Microsoft Support Professional

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.
    Please reply to the newsgroup so that others may benefit. Thanks!

    Jeff Guest

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    Default worm

    The MSBLAST RPC infection virus was only created to affect
    NT, 2000, and XP based operating systems.

    You should be fine.
    Papercut Guest

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    Default worm

    help, can't stay on line,shuts down.......every 3 min.
    please call 253-5369294.
    have been on the phone for about 9 hrs, with no luck,in
    anyone answering. its going down in a min.

    sandra need help, please
    sandra Guest

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    Default worm

    Left click on "services and apps." Left click "services"
    Right click on "remote procedure call (RPC)" <not the one
    that says "locator"> Left click on "properties"
    Left click "recovery" change each drop down menu
    to "restart the service". That should keep you on line.
    Set these back to "restart computer" after have everything
    Steve Guest

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    Default Re: Worm

    You most likely have a worm W32.Blaster.Worm
    DISCONNECT the subject computer from any network IMMEDIATELY.

    Install or enable a firewall IMMEDIATELY:

    VERY IMPORTANT to follow ALL steps, closing ports or installing the
    patch is NOT enough.
    Download the patch and regedit referenced in the article below.
    You may need to do this at an uninfected computer and burn to CD or
    save on floppies.
    Each file is small enough to fit on a floppy.

    Follow this to clean and protect your computer:

    After this is resolved prevent similar occurrences by installing ALL
    Critical Updates from Windows Update.
    Keep antivirus up to date and run at least weekly.
    Install or enable a firewall.

    Jupiter Jones [MVP]
    An easier way to read newsgroup messages:

    "ndevito" <> wrote in message

    Jupiter Guest

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    Default Re: worm

    "gooner" <com> a écrit dans le message de
    news:0ca901c3619f$c5319080$gbl... [/ref]

    I would also advise AVG, Grisoft Anti Virus software, which is free. As I
    read somewhere else Norton Antivirus is great but requires some sort of
    exorcism if you want to uninstall it, for instance. Besides it's not free.
    I've been running AVG for a long time and I quite trust it.

    Vince C.

    Vince Guest

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    Default Worm

    I have been getting the automatic updates from Microsoft
    and updating my computer. Am I protected from the worm or
    do I need to update. I am on a home network. Can I just
    update each of my four computers? my Version is 5.1
    (Build 2600.xpsp2.030422-1633:Service Pack 1).
    Arthur Guest

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    Default Worm

    My laptop needs the patch but I am afraid to connect to
    the internet. My daughter walked me thru getting rid of
    the worm but suggested I download the patch on my other
    compter. I have download the patch on my computer but when
    I try to burn it, it gives me a error...any suggestions??

    Dee Guest

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    Default worm


    Go To
    stewartdw67 Guest

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    Default Re: worm

    "JHarris" <com> wrote in message news:0c3001c3625b$8604bfb0$gbl... 

    You can download the security patch directly from:

    GR Guest

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    Default worm

    My pc was infected with the worm 2/3 days ago along with
    my laptop. I have ran patch on laptop and it solved the
    problem, but I got error during running the patch on my
    PC. Both laptop and PC has Windows XP.
    The error is:
    KB823980: Setup error: Setup could not verify the
    integrity of the file update.inf. Make sure the
    cryptographic service is running in this computer.
    I would appreciate your help.
    momtaz Guest

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    Default Re: worm


    Curt Guest

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    Default Re: worm

    "Vince C." <com> wrote in message
    Sorry about the earlier blank post.

    To each their own when choosing what AV to use, but I've used NSW of which
    NAV is part of since '99 and have never had a problem uninstalling it to
    upgrade to the next version when necessary. No special tricks were involved,
    I just used add/remove programs and it was gone. I'm now using NSW '02 along
    with conflicts between them. I will say that trying to use McAfee
    and NAV together is difficult at best....they don't co-exist well together.
    If one should decide to use two AV programs, be sure to set them to auto
    scan at different times at least four hours apart.

    Curt Guest

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    Default Re: worm

    "Curt" <com> a écrit dans le message de news:

    Not that it causes troubles while uninstalled but it leaves components
    behind that are difficult to remove manually since the uninstall procedure
    is incomplete. You can check and/or ask for more info on
    news:// I've had a chat with someone
    there about antivirus systems, including NAV. It's where I've been reported
    about the difficult uninstalling.

    Vince C.

    Vince Guest

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    Default Re: worm

    I have NEVER had trouble with Norton products unless you count using
    the tool Norton provides for complete removal.
    However there is something far more important especially because most
    users never have a need to remove the AV application.
    What you consider best and for what ever reasons is no good to another
    person that doesn't like it and thus will not use it.
    The best AV application is the application the person will properly
    use and update.
    For you that is AVG, but not for everybody.
    For someone else it is McAfee and another Norton etc.

    Jupiter Jones [MVP]
    An easier way to read newsgroup messages:

    "Vince C." <com> wrote in message

    Jupiter Guest

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    Default worm

    plz can u tell me if i will be ok with this virus i have
    just heard about. I have a new pc in april this year with
    Antivirus & internet security suite.I was told i would
    have firewall if i have xp.but i am really worried as
    some told me i would be ok others said no.its called the
    worm.plz can u help me or tell me wot i need 2 do.
    thank you
    from lorraine
    lorraine Guest

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