I've seen a decent number of people who have said that they have received the same error that I have now received.
I received some artwork in Quark format. As usual, I had to bring in a new die line for my artwork. Next step I do is export the file as EPS. I fix up anything I have to in illustrator 10, usually add a UPC, then save it has an illustrator 8 EPS and then as a PDF. I'd say I do this several times a day, the same way, each time, and have not received this error till today.

The file is not being transfered from one computer to another. I am using mac os X, with quark 6. When I try to use distiller 6, it does not generate a pdf, and gives me this message:
%%[ Error: undefinedresult; OffendingCommand: imagemaskDistiller ]%%

{--currentfile-- XIBuffer1 --readhexstring-- --pop--}
[11 0 0 -2 0 0]

%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

Apple's Preview program has no issue's reading the file. When I resave it again as a PDF in preview, I still get the same error message. This would not be as big of a concern if our customers were using macs, but they are using PC's, and must be able to open these files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,