I've run into a strange connection problem, connecting Contribute to a course
in WebCT by WebDav. After entering the connection information into Contribute,
as supplied by the university's version of WebCT (4.1), the Contribute
connection leads me and others to a another course. This happens both on a
Windows (XP) and Mac (OS 10.3.8) computer. The course that I am trying to
connect to was created from a previous course but both has different names and

I tried out the same connection information with Dreamweaver, My Network
Places and IE 6 without problems. I've tried WebDav connections with multiple
WebCT courses, both created fresh and created from existing courses, again
without problems. Just in this isolated case.

I have found a solution by editing the "cthub" file (replacing the wrong URL
with the correct one), located at C:\Doents and Settings\User\Local
Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Contribute 3\Sites\SiteX\_mm.

My question is: Does the WebCT server write to this file (cthub) when first
connected to the server?

When administrating this connection, there is no reference to the URL in
Contribute, only in the cthub file after the connection is attempted. I am
thinking that on the server, the entered URL points to the wrong directory and
this is written back to the cthub file.

Any response on how Contribute makes a connection or how the WebCT server
points to directories would be appreciated.

Alex Neumann
Web Development Coordinator
York University