Here is some free consulting. I recommend to Adobe/Macromedia move this issue
from "a known issue" status to "critical business impacting issue", hire some
developers that know to port. Moving from x86 to x86_64 is a very very simple
one (unless you plan on optomizing for all the new features of x86_64 while
doing so which I wouldn't yet if I where you). Now a port for IA64 will take
much longer as its almost a rewrite. Microsoft's product is comming quickly and
you must plan quickly. GNU Flash library ( gplflash 2.0 ) will be out of
development soon (the cvs head works now for me) and its already looking good.
Parts of action script are broken but anything up until flash 5 content works
already on x86_64 and IA64 so you are under presure there. I would treat this
as your most pressing issue. As you can see from this forum, you are creating a
rift in the foundation that chose to use flash in their sites because of its
nearly 98.5 coverage in the market (more then even people can even support
xhtml and css 2.0 natively). You really should not alienate that userbase and
the content and
web developers that choose flash as a the platform they want to target with.
Technically you can do it already just with a good C or C++ compiler and if you
programmed various parts correctly. I'm hopping you are not using any (or at
least large ammounts) of native x86 assembly. I've been wondering that you
might of with the lack of any new updates for Flash 8 on linux and the
constently behind releases for OSX unless you are making use of Win32 specific
code apis more now which I hope to god you are not. Oh well. I don't believe
macromedia will pay this post much mind, but its my two cents from a developer
and high priced consultant to some of the largest companies in tech world.