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Hi, Any idea when an x64 version of Flash Player (and Shockwave Player, for that matter) will be released? Internet Explorer x64 keeps trying to download, install and then fail to run the Flash Player that Macromedia has available. Regards, HiltonT...

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    Default x64 Flash Player


    Any idea when an x64 version of Flash Player (and Shockwave Player, for that
    matter) will be released? Internet Explorer x64 keeps trying to download,
    install and then fail to run the Flash Player that Macromedia has available.


    HiltonT Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player


    I do hope there will releasing one too, I'm having the same problem but Internet Explorer x64 rocks.
    jhpprojects Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player


    def need a new flash
    ryan92084 Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    amen to that, but i have a feeling we?ll get one as soon as fp8 is out the door.
    garm|2k Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Wow, I'm on x64 too and since Flash won't download - I can't see my Birthday Card!:frown;
    Louisa10 Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Yeah I signed up just to say 'me too!'

    I know the general reasons...but my personal interest remains!
    randomevent Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    I hope it comes out soon. I have a hard time deploying this company wide when I can't get some of the basic programs to run like this one. Come on Macromedia, at least tell us when its coming out!

    Vball Dude Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Yes. Could someone from Macromedia just tell us if and when they are going to
    release an x64 version of Flash? I mean, even if it's an older version, like
    version 5 or something, it would be greatly appreciated. They might have more
    portable code in the older versions.

    You could release the x64 version just as a pre-Alpha, and say that it won't
    work so that people won't bother you too much. It would be greatly appreciated
    to even just ACKNOWLEDGE that x64 processors and x64 versions of Linux and
    Windows exist.

    Robotbeat Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    It seems that the Macromedia folk don't really check these forums, but I wish they would just tell us what the story is with Flash and Windows XP x64.
    Robotbeat Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Don't forget it's not only Windows which support the 64b architecture, but
    Linux aswell. At the moment of writing I'm willing to bet there are at least
    the same amount of people running Linux as there are people running Windows on
    64 bits.

    Nosforit Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    You guys are hilarious!!! You all know that Windows x64 comes with a x64
    version and a 32bit version of IE right???

    Just go into your start menu and open Internet Explorer (32-bit)

    Everything works in the 32bit version. And this would be the reason why they
    aren't acting to fast on this x64 version issue.

    GotzBoost Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Just a note, here is a TechNote that talks about this:

    This is something Macromedia currently knows is an issue.


    Jason Wylie
    Senior Support Engineer
    Macromedia Technical Support
    Flash Player, Flash, Central

    -- Please limit replies to newsgroup only, for the benefit of the community --

    _jasonWylie Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Running a 32-bit browser in a 64-bit operating system defeats the purpose of
    the 64-bit OS in the first place. While it works, it's a poor workaround to a
    much bigger problem. You're doing your customers a disservice by forcing them
    onto this path.

    KiltedKnight Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Agreed. I have a feeling we'll see x64 flash next year as they get ready for Vista. The Microsoft final x64compiler comes out in November, so we should see a lot more software after that.
    kallussed Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Ok, where are you getting that info at? There is not a required special
    compiler for the x64 platform. As long as you have all the supported libraries
    then you can compile it. It's the libraries you need not a special compiler. I
    compile apps all the time for the x64 platform, it's just the libraries needed.
    (I just wish i had a copy of Flash viewer source so i could compile it in
    64-bit) A lot of the time that's what I'm ending up having to do. Find the
    author of the app/driver,and see if they would like a 64-bit version of it, and
    compile it for them. It's never a strait compile, some code has to be formed
    for the x64 libraries, but it doesn't take much to do it.

    And for the poor workaround guy, the x64 architecture is based off the x86
    instructions. That is why it can run both 64-bit and 32-bit applications. The
    is no workaround, MS knew that people wouldn't be to speed on getting 64-bit
    browser support out yet, so they threw in the 32-bit browser to handle all the
    sites that require a 32-bit browser. It doesn't defeat the OS being 64-bit,
    your acting like it cripples the OS when you run a 32-bit app. There's nothing
    wrong with running a 32-bit app on a 64-bit OS, your 32-bit app will just run
    as fast as the 32-bit instructions can handle. If you have ever run a true
    64-bit processor like the older DEC Alpha chips where you had to install a
    separate application(yes application) just to do x86(32-bit) instruction
    conversion for you, you would extremely appreciate the fact that the chip and
    OS supports both instructions sets.

    And yes, I am one of those guys that is getting tired of switching browsers in
    the middle just to view a site with flash. it's getting very old, and they need
    to compile a 64-bit version of flash. I agree 100% with y'all on that one.

    GotzBoost Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    Err... you do need (and use) a different compiler for x64 native code. It's
    not just the libraries. Assuming you are using VS2005, the x86 compiler is in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin, the x64 (native)
    compiler is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\amd64
    and the x64 cross-compiler that runs on 32 bit systems but produces 64 bit code
    is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\x86_amd64. The
    IDE hides this for you when you select a different architecture to compile for,
    but I can guarantee you that it is definitely using a different compiler.

    Retargetting an application for x64 can be easy or next to impossible
    depending on how the application was originally written. If it uses "int" a
    lot for storing pointers then you're going to have a whole bunch of problems,
    similarly if you are using sizeof(int) for file structures. I doubt porting
    something like Flash is going to be as trivial as you're making out. The
    reference you make to porting "driver" code being as simple as a straight
    compile is almost laughable - you have to at a minimum write a whole bunch of
    new code to handle 32 bit IOCTLs that come in from the wow64 system, unless you
    enjoy your system blue-screening or not talking to 32 bit apps.

    Running 32 bit code on a 64 bit system *is* a poor workaround. Look at the
    call stack sometime and you'll see that 32 bit code runs through a whole bunch
    of extra code to get at the system - all inside the wow64 system DLLs. Yes,
    the CPU runs x86 code natively but it requires a mode switch (from long mode to
    compatibility mode) to do it and you lose all the benefits of the 64 bit
    platform (> 4G virtual address space, 8 extra registers, etc.) when you do it.
    So, yes, it is a substandard solution when you bring in the x86 virtualization
    layer to run 32 bit apps and you do get a minor performance hit in doing it.


    ozthrox Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    release the damn x64 version!
    this is ridiculous, win xp 64bits has been in beta status for more than a year
    and officially out for quiet some time. What are you guys at macromedia
    All new pcs are dual core (64bits enabled) or amd64. I was hoping flash 8
    would finally make the cut but no, then now i see you made flash 8.5 and still
    NO 64bits support.
    Let me explain this:
    step 1: open program with 64bits compiler
    step 2: recompile and make some VERY MINOR changes to it
    step 3: release

    total working time = 1 day if under stress and you get a blackout of 8 hours.

    any serious developer would agree with this, so what's the problem guys?
    macromedia products are great, but it ed off all the users cause you work
    slow to crap

    creat326 Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    I really do hope they release Flash Player for 64-bit browsers, and when they
    do, not ust for IE.

    There are 64-bit builds avalible of firefox, though not official final
    releases yet as mozilla is still working on a true 64-bit firefox. I really
    hope to see Flash Player for Firefox x64 as well as IE x64.

    I only use Firefox, and would not be thrilled if I culd only use flash in IE
    x64 and not firefox x64.

    For now, I do use the 32 bit of IE when I have to use flash, but I hate using
    ie, so many pop ups and other things that try to install. To bad you can't run
    firefox x64 and x32 both at the same time, it doesn't let you=\

    The Technote says macromedia is looking into a 64-bit player, but then says no
    further information is avalible, sighs, I would love to see more information
    and that updated requently rather then staying like that till they annouce a

    LoREvanescence Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player

    At first I was annoyed that there was no 64-bit flash plugin. However, I've
    continued to use the 64-bit version of IE and am finding I miss flash less and
    less (although the repeated requests to install the flash plugin remain
    annoying). Macromedia will release a 64-bit version in time for Vista unless
    they've completely lost their minds, but with Microsoft "Sparkle" just around
    the corner, this isn't the time for them to be irritating their more
    technically inclined user base.

    If Macromedia isn't going to release a 64-bit plugin, couldn't they at least
    fix the 32-bit installer to block on 64-bit? As it is now, a user has no idea
    that the plugin won't work on their 64-bit browser until after they've
    installed it and it doesn't. Very lame.

    Spiral0ut Guest

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    Default Re: x64 Flash Player


    I'm with you guys, I am really hoping for a 64-bit flash plugin, especially
    for Firefox. SWF is very common on the Internet these days, and it really s
    having to change browsers when you run into a page with flash content. Since
    increasing numbers of companies have pages that rely on shockwave flash to
    function properly, this is a bit annoying.

    Looking forward to speed surfing "flashed" pages in the near future,

    Stobe Guest

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