Hello All,

Here is the goal: From within Flash, send two variables to a PHP script that
takes those variables and runs a mySQL query, sends it back to Flash in XML
format, and Flash then displays the information in a datagrid.

All of the backend is done and works well.

In Flash, I am using the xmlconnector to reciever the data and I have bound it
to a dataGrid component.

To make sure I properly configured the xmlConnector, as well as correctly
bound it to the dataGrid component, I created a PHP file that already had the
two variables hard-coded so it does not rely upon input from the outside in
order to properly generate the XML for Flash.

My actionscript was simple enough:

xmlConn.URL =

The above actionscript works fine as well.

However when I tried connecting to the original PHP file that needs inputted
variables, the following AS code failed:

xmlConn.URL =

Why isn't it as simple as giving the xmlConnector a URL with appended vars?

If the above code had worked, the next logical step would have been along the
lines of:

var variableOne= varOneTextField.text;
var variableTwo= varTwoTextField.text;

dataXML.URL =

Where has my understanding and/or logic failed here? Thank you for your help.

Take care,