The last couple of weeks have been very frustrating. I have been connected
to the internet through a cable modem for over a year with very few
problems. My host machine is a PC with internet connection sharing using a
hub. This worked very well until a couple of weeks ago. Now I can usually
get the PC online but the Mac does not see the connection.

USB Cable Modem is connected to the PC through a USB port. The Ethernet
cable from the modem goes into the hub. The PC and the Mac, a Powerbook G4
550 running OS 10.2.6, are both connected to ports on the hub. All the
lights on the hub are as it should be. The line from the cable modem shows
live and the two lights for the PC and Mac are lit.

For some reason I had two hours of networked internet on both machines and
the next morning when I got up no internet on the Mac again.

Anybody have this kind of problem and find a solution? It seems like
everything should work.

Thanks for your consideration.

Tim Haag