Hello all,

I've setup a network with a Win2000 Server machine and
some XP PRO clients. The server is NOT a DOMAIN

In Win98/ME if the client was set up to be
a "client for Microsoft Networks", every time it was
booting up, a login window appeared, where users had to
declare user name and password (given from the server
administrator) in order to retrieve
network connection from the server. In that case
appropriate user
accounts had to be created on the server.

My problem is that I want the same thing to happen with
Win XP PRO clients.

With WinXP clients users can retrieve network connections
inside the workgroup,
without logging on to the server, using their computer
account. Is there any way to have this login window at
windows startup in order to logon to the server?

I would like to apply some user policies on the network
without having to setup the server as a domain controller.

Many thanks to anyone who is willing to help.

Nikos Panagopoulos