What you expect. Fuji is the best there is in color.
"Ed E." <EdEllksNetZero.MyPants.com> wrote in message
> .... were right on the money. I finally tried a roll. Bought the grey
> market version from B&H. This stuff is awesome! I usually compare the
> different films using a good film scanner, but even the 4x6 prints showed
> significantly better resolution and color consistency. I've opted not to
> post my own scans, as you should do your own testing to see what works
> for you. I went to an outdoor event and shot 4 rolls under the same
> conditions. There were some clear distinctions between the different
> brands.
> The only bad part is that Reala is only 100 speed. I've tried lots of 400
> speed films, but I can't find one that beats Fuji Press 400. I've tried
> following: Agfa Optima 400, Kodak 400UC and 400VC, Fuji NPH 400. The NPH
> was a bit sharper than the Press 400, but for general-use purposes I just
> can't justify the extra money.
> I'm no authority on film by any means. I'm just saying that when scanned
> 2900dpi, Reala takes the prize in my personal evaluation. I haven't seen
> that good of a scan from print film since Kodak's Royal Gold line.
> Best wishes for a nice weekend,
> Ed