Just picking up an English to "Whatever Language" Dictionary really is NOT the
most affective way to translate your product into other languages. You often
get the strangest results! Keeping this little truism in mind, we are looking
for some volunteer help with our localization project. All you will have to do
is convert a small text file into the language of your country, and thus become
part of a team effort in bringing this new product into your home land.

Midnight Mage is a small software company specializing in applications to
expand Mac OS X's powerful capabilities. We have been really pleased with the
interest our first product, RollCall Directory. This application is a print
utility specifically designed to enhance the printing output of the OS X
Address Book. Within the first 24 hours of release, we had repeated inquires
from German users asking to have our program localized. That version is now
completed and will be released with the next version later this week. We would
like to do the same thing for other languages. If you have suggestion or can
assist us in this endeavor, please let us us hear from you.

We cannot offer you money for your time and effort on this project, as I said,
we are as yet a small company, but your name will appear in the program as the
person responsible for localization of RollCall Directory.

To download RollCall Directory, goto http://www.midnightmage.com/rollcall.dmg.

Have the satisfaction of knowing your language is supported and of course, that
all important 15 seconds of fame.

Thank you in advance for your time and your support.

Sunny Worrell & Steve Sheets
Midnight Mage Software

ps. Feel free to post this message on any international boards or sites.