Free Joomla Extensions that you must install

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While doing custom projects for Joomla, we have come across plenty of free and paid Joomla extensions some of them are simply great. Following are few which are perfect, especially as they are free and highly usable.

These can be used on any Joomla websites, and have seemed to worked on the sites we have developed. We will continue to use these, try these out.

This Joomla component is a robust file manager that works within Joomla. Although you must be working with an external FTP program but this is a coolest add on and certainly helps people who are not actively into development. It would be great to see this extension to get integrated into Joomla some day.

Artio JoomSEF
This Joomla component gets you to include SEO and on your Joomla driven website. There are plenty of SEO plugins, but its support makes it stand apart and highly useful. Patched version of Artio JoomSEF is GPL and ad free. SEO is a must for you to get online presence and a lot of effort has to be taken in order to rank better. This Joomla extension is highly recommended for SEO while being on Joomla.

Many a times we used a combination of Joomla and vBulletin for many of our clients who had a forum on their website. Once Fireboard came out and we reviewed it we feel it was really really required and useful. It was a hassle cause much before this was available we had to use a bridge which was complex. Alternatively you could use Joomlaboard. But now things are better as we can use Fireboard as the we have the best of forum component for Joomla.

Community Builder
This Joomla extension is a must for any type of social network, yet has uses beyond that purpose. Nothing comes close to the amount of features this can give while you are building or adding social network element to your website or web portal. There are also many various extensions specifically for Community Builder which extend it far past the basic setup.

Extended Menu
This is a powerful Joomla module that allows you to display CSS dropdown menus. There are a handful of CSS drop down menus that are available on Joomla. If you are well acquainted with Joomla, this is a module that you can handle and this could be difficult if you are not well versed with CSS. If you are a developer, this module will offer you a solid base in which to build a totally customizable menu system that fully integrates with existing Joomla menus.

A cool database backup mambot that would take a simple database backup for your joomla website. One being installed it will automatically backup your Joomla database and email it to you. Really Simple and Easy. Highly usable extension for your joomla driven website.

A perfect Joomla extension for tracking statistics. Not close to Google Analytics, but for a fully Joomla integrated statistical component, and pretty handy to view stats.

AditiFree Joomla Extensions that you must install

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