How To Install Joomla

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Joomla is a powerful, open source content management system (CMS) that is freely available for anyone to use. It is an award-winning application is a dynamic platform that you can use to build a powerful, scalable website with little or no technical expertise.

Requirement: Joomla will run on Linux, Free BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows NT/2000. The Joomla authors recommend that you run it on Linux or Free BSD. But it should run if you have: Apache, MySQL, Php.

Follow the Easy Step For Installing the Joomla CMS Manually:

Step 1: First of all Download Joomla from its website.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded Joomla package to your computer.

Step 3: Using an FTP client upload the extracted files to the public html folder in your web hosting account.

Step 4: Create the MySQL Database in your cPanel. First of all log in to your cPanel account and click on the “MySql Databases” icon. Next, click on the link to “Add Database” and type in a desired name for a new database. Click on the link to “Add User” and type in a user-name and password of your choice. Assign the privileges necessary to gain access to your new database. Your database has been created. Now close Cpanel and let us move on to the part of setting up your Joomla website. You can also create the MySQL Database without using the Cpanel.

Step 5: In a Web browser go to the root of your Web server (or the location on your server where you installed Joomla. You can select amongst many languages for the installation instructions.

Step 6: Follow the instructions on the screen to configure your Joomla installation. Its check your installation and read the Joomla GPL.

Step 7: Step up the Database Connection : Use the same settings you used in step 4 to create your database. If you’ve installed Joomla in the past, you can get rid of the old tables or save a backup of them. If you need to do this, open the “Advanced” tab and follow the instructions there. It is one of the main pages of the installation process,  where you need to enter important information about the database that your Joomla site will use.

Step 8: Now click on Next option . Click on OK to confirm that all the information is accurate.

Step 9: Main Configuration: Give your site a name and an admin account.  The Main Configuration Page how you will insert content into your site. You have three option to install Sample Data, Load SQL Script and Migration from previous version.

Step 10 : Joomla website is now installed.

JyotiHow To Install Joomla

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