How to Install Ubuntu Linux (Setup & Installation Guide)

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There are like hundreds of tutorials on installing Ubuntu but most of them tend not to provide the screenshots thereby leaving you confused while installing Ubuntu. Here’s a dead simple guide to install Ubuntu. I have done the fresh copy install on a blank hard-disk which does not have an installed version of Windows operating system.

First of all you need an Ubuntu CD from where you can install Ubuntu. You can have a Ubuntu CD by either downloading the setup or installer directly from the Ubuntu site or by requesting a free CD or DVD from Canonical which will deliver you Ubuntu, Edubuntu or Kubuntu CD along with some Ubuntu stickers. I would advise you to request a free CD if you don’t have a broadband connection because the Ubuntu setup is around 700 MB. Do keep in mind that it takes around 2 months with a week or two here and there depending on your location in receiving free Ubuntu CD. Mine took two and a half months though.

Now considering that you are downloading the setup from web, you’ll get an ISO file of around 700 MB after the download. This ISO file is now needed to be burn on a CD which we will use to install Ubuntu. Some of the softwares you can use to burn the downloaded ISO file are Magic ISO, Ultra ISO and ISO Recorder.

Assiuming that you have done the burning stuff and are ready with Ubuntu installation CD, we can now care about the real process of installing Ubuntu. Following is the step by step screenshot tour on installing Ubuntu.

First of all, you get the following instructions when you boot from your CD.

You can either play with Ubuntu for awhile or install it. I believe the real play will happen once you install Ubuntu, so I’ll continue with “Install Ubuntu.”

Some loading taking place.

Now you are ready to configure certian initial settings to install Ubuntu. These are pretty basic settings like the language you want to select, system clock time, keyboard layout etc.

After the above mentioned step of selecting the keyboard layout, you will come to a step where you need to allocate the hard disk.
You can just click on the “Guided-use entire disk” to carry on with installation.

Just naming the system and keeping a password. You can not complete the installation if you don’t keep a password unlike the virus-probe Windows Operating Systems.

You should check the “Install boot loader” which you’ll get if you press on the Advanced tab in the step 7 of 7. Just leave the Network proxy and other things like that.

This will ensue the installation of system files.

You just need to restart the system after this.

When the system restars you get a notification text during the system booting which prompts you to remove the Ubuntu installation CD and press Enter. This is the last thing and you are done with Ubuntu installation for the safer computing in the future.

Hope this helps. I’ll be doing one more post in which I’ll tell about partitioning hard disk during the installation of Ubuntu.

MattHow to Install Ubuntu Linux (Setup & Installation Guide)

5 Comments on “How to Install Ubuntu Linux (Setup & Installation Guide)”

  1. sushaantu

    Thanks buddy, I look forward to write a short tutorial on installing Ubuntu with Wubi as well. I have tried Wubi earlier and I think it’sa great app for Ubuntu beginners to make the Change.

  2. graham turvey

    Excellent guide for the uninitiated like myself
    And so far is everything I want from an operating system without the fuss and knowledge required to get those ‘windows’ systems to work

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