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The Queen Harpy is the ruler of the harpies in Monster Girl Quest. Harpies need human men in order to reproduce, and because of the warmongering of her.

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Just like her original counterpart, Queen Harpy is a kind hearted monster who prefers to solve issues preferably through peace, and is very closed to her.

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Queen of the Harpies, Lucretia is fought during part 1 of Paradox in Harpy Tower, but is unable to join the party due to not having enough Fruit of the World Tree.

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Incontinence. 3%. More. Queen Harpy (Zombie), or Refletsia as a companion, is a boss in the second part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She is part of the Cirque. Currently, the general harpy population resides in Happiness Village under the rule and guidance of their queen. Harpies generally sport brown feathers from.