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No matter how much we criticize or whine about it but we can’t just deny this monster called Myspace. Facebook is definitely taking the lead but Myspace still has some time when users will bury it forever. We must also understand that it was Myspace that marked the emergence of social web or Web 2.0.

Millions of users use Myspace to stay connected with their friends and making their Myspace profiles more hip does consume their lot of broadband. We have tried to make your search for top online myspace profile editors/generator easy by making this list of editors which are decent enough to give a try.

I must tell you in advance that most of the profile generators are just copies of one another and you really need to learn CSS and HTML if you want everything your way on your Myspace profile. Every Myspace editor has some limitations and if you want your Myspace profile to show your true colors then you should learn some basics of the above mentioned programming languages and make your own profile.

Myspace too has updated its website with some themes which look pretty good and are fun to flaunt.

SnapLayout is without any iota of doubt the best Myspace profile editor on the web. You basically put your myspace email address alongwith password to edit ( read pimp ) your profile in SnapLayout. You get options to customize your profile in maximum ways possible and all your changes  It is the latest myspace editor out there and there is a reputable name behind it. It is owned by Weebly which has a website service where users can create their own websites and blog. Some people might have problem sharing their myspace password but if you don’t have such doubts the it is the generator for you.

The following editors are too classic and need some high quality updates to stay in business. I personally won’t like to use any of them but they are still very much relevant if you want to personalize your profile with your own images in the background or if you are not satisfied with SnapLayout.

MyTheme Myspace Editor is the kind of web editor which is not endorsed by anyone these days. It does give you adequate options to pimp your profile but the customizations don’t appear professional.

RealEditor is slightly better when it comes to customizing your MySpace profile and the quality of layouts is not bad. Not very good either.

Coolchaser MySpace Layout Editor is a better editor and it gives you optimum options to customize your profile by using the premade elements.

Ultimate MySpace Editor gives you plenty of options to customize most of the elements of your MySpace profile. The options that it gives are truly ultimate.

MySpace Profile Editor allows you to use the pre-made layouts whil you can also make your own layout from scratch. You get to see all the changes live in the same window.

MyGen MySpace Editor is good editor with claen tabs and all but it is not so smooth at editing.

MyWackospace MySpace Editor gives you pleanty of themes to choose from while you can edit anyone to your taste.

MySpaceCode Editor has a 20th century feel to it and you get plenty of options to edit the way text appears on your profile.

Matt9 Best Myspace Layout Generator/Editor

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  2. emily

    I absolutely love myspace so thanks tom for making it!
    My problem is that i was getting a new layout and I still have the 1.0 layout which im fine with,i like that one better so thats okay…anyway i was on the website called “itsirrational.com” because i was getting a new myspace layout and i found a layout i liked and i loved! the back ground so i copyed and pasted it,i put it on my about me && it worked but when i saw my profile the theme is white wich it shows up like that on the thing when i picked it but i thought i could edit it and get a colored theme to put over the background i have without redoing it because i still like my background but i couldnt find a theme or anything,I also tryed some sites on google but they make u have the bckground with it so thats not wat i was looking for obviously..but anyway all i need is a theme to cover the white i just want a plain black theme so if u could help me or give me a website that would help then that would be great :) THANKYOU bye [just email me when u find it] sincerely:emily

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