5 Cool WordPress Admin Plug-ins

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Dashboard Editor- Allows you to add or remove whatever you want from the WordPress dashboard to be more useful to you. Download Dashboard Editor WP Admin Bar Reloaded- Displays links to the Administration Panel at the extreme top of a blog’s page – but only for users who are logged in and have permission to view the given functions. Download … Read More

Aditi5 Cool WordPress Admin Plug-ins

WordPress Ajax Enabled Plug-ins

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Following is a list of tried and tested Ajax Powered plugins for your wordpress blogs, you can use these based on your requirement. These certainly improve usability and adds cool functionality to your blog. Live Spell Checker – This plug-in lets you add a spell checker to the admin area to check your posts with. Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map … Read More

AditiWordPress Ajax Enabled Plug-ins

Convert a liquid-layout to a fixed-width design

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If you are looking for a simple way to convert any of the liquid layouts into fixed-width designs. The process is very simple and it will work with most liquid layouts. To ensure that the fixed-with design is in the middle, centrally aligned on all common browsers you need to add the text-align:center on the body tag, plus also left … Read More

AditiConvert a liquid-layout to a fixed-width design

Top 10 Themes for Firefox 3

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Although most of themes are just the same as it was in previous version of Firefox but this list makes sense because not many developers have updated their themes. Most users tend to stylize their Firefox browser to give it a personal touch. Some of my favorite Firefox themes are not compatible with Firefox 3 now so I had to … Read More

MattTop 10 Themes for Firefox 3

Firefox 3 and Firebug 1.2

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Firefox 3 had over 8 million downloads the day it was released. Firefox has helped us all in web design and development. You can get Firefox 3 from the regular Mozilla download page. In order for Firebug to work with Firefox 3, you will need the latest Beta release, Firebug 1.2, available only from the Firebug Releases page.

AditiFirefox 3 and Firebug 1.2

Faster loading web pages (Good for everyone)

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Broadband is not available world wide, face it this is a fact. One must keep provision for the web users who use slow internet connections. Search engine algorithms also do take into consideration your load time, so make faster loading pages and it does not really require too much of effort, it do not require you to update your skills, … Read More

AditiFaster loading web pages (Good for everyone)

Web based Alternatives to Photoshop

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No we are not tired of photoshop, we love it, and we can not give up on it, but here are some cool web based alternatives for quick editing and layout design work. Check them out: Picnik is now very popular web-based photo editor. It is also integrated with Flickr. flautR has plenty of image tools it has thousands of … Read More

AditiWeb based Alternatives to Photoshop

Make your JavaScript to be XHTML compliant

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Everyone is now upgrading their HTML to XHTML on web. It is important to make your webpages XHTML compliant. We have enlisted 2 methods to update your older pages into DHTML or JavaScript XHTML compliant. Option 1: For inline JavaScript, you must wrap the code itself in the CDATA tag along with some clever use of JavaScript comments to let … Read More

AditiMake your JavaScript to be XHTML compliant

CSS Pagination Links

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Are you stuck creating cool looking pagination for your web pages? Have you seen cool pagination links at the bottom of Digg.com? This will help you create the most simple & cool looking CSS pagination links bar. The links are kept list based for achieving clear and semantic layout. The bar itself can easily be left or right aligned, by … Read More

AditiCSS Pagination Links

Facebook Icons

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Facebook is so very popular, everyone is linking from their blog to their facebook pages as well, there was little you could do, probably use a give plugin or widget. But now you can go creative about it. The tiny little 16×16 pixel Facebook application icons you see on facebook, you can download them in high resolution all free (in … Read More

AditiFacebook Icons