Web based Alternatives to Photoshop

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No we are not tired of photoshop, we love it, and we can not give up on it, but here are some cool web based alternatives for quick editing and layout design work. Check them out:

Picnik is now very popular web-based photo editor. It is also integrated with Flickr.

flautR has plenty of image tools it has thousands of photo effects options to choose from.

FotoFlexer has a cool and simple interface. Amazingly it enables you to create composite images and  also layered images, but not conventionally like done on Adobe Photoshop. It lets you to drag photos and push them back or forward.

SplashUp has a perfect interface. Tools and palettes are kept as they exist on Photoshop, it also let you make layers. Amazing web photo editing & designing tool.

PhotoShop Express, Although Adobe delayed this release but this is a good start, They even give you free 2GB of space. Unfortunately, it can not be compared with the desktop based Photoshop, as this web version has no ability to layer or composite images, but we can stay tuned to see more updates in this.

Pic Resize is a cool ad-free editor. They have nice big tool buttons, making it whole lotta a easier for the new  users.

AditiWeb based Alternatives to Photoshop

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