SENuke X Delivers Automated SEO

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SENuke X is an SEO automation software that basically does the work a whole team of internet marketing executives would do, all on an auto-pilot mode.

The software will create email accounts, social bookmarking accounts, article directory account for you and create back links to your pages, without you having to log into any of those sites. It will also get the pages indexed so the links are quickly found and crawled by the search engines.

Works like a Miracle: Almost

  • SENuke will let you submit articles, videos, bookmarks and RSS feeds to multiple Web 2.0 sites.
  • Re-post as many articles as you want for your blogs/wikis/hubs with ONE click
  • You can queue up different modules for specified dates and times
  • Article spinner allows you to create numerous “unique” articles from one source article.
  • Fantastic niche keyword research tool
  • Members area includes a set of comprehensive, easy to follow training videos
  • Automatically create, save and load multiple user profiles

SENuke X is A Real Automatic SEO Tool here’s why?

SENuke is the single best SEO tool for getting your site listed at the top of the search engines fast using Web 2.0.

Painless Profile Creation

SENuke X automates setting up profile accounts on various social networking, blog, and community sites. Unbelievably it helps you regularly update each profile with custom content and links that help your network’s steady growth.

Content spinning and posting

SENuke’s content spinner can convert a single article into dozens of different articles a snap. Post your unique content to over 50 different article directories, blog sites, and authority sites, as simply as hitting a button and clicking “submit.” It is really this simple!

Automated Bookmarking

SEnuke helps bookmark content on dozens of social bookmarking sites in a snap. And, All descriptions are spinnable, so that every bookmark you would make it is unique.

Pinging Build a site.

Ping a site. Even with basic tools, it seems like you are always pinging. SEnuke automates the task by managing URLs and integrating a pinger into the tool to allow you to easily ping every article you create.

Proxies and Captchas

SENuke integrates amazingly reliable grade proxy functions for country-specific campaigns and integrated captcha solving, so you don’t to have to sit in front of the computer when SENuke is at work.

Multithreaded support

Spin up 10 or more web browsers, and SENuke will do its job just about 10 times as fast!

Awesomeness Continued

  • SENuke X does Automatic Keyword Research for you . It will tell which keyword is easy to rank for and which is difficult.
  • Automated Article Spinning is executed with uniqueness checker, so you can pre check if your article is unique or not.
  • Automated account creation & confirmation of your account by going through email.
  • Automated Article Submission.
  • Automated Video submission.
  • RSS creation for all the submitting website including Article , Video , Blogs, etc.
  • Bookmark all the created links to most of the Bookmarking websites.

In Sync with Google

SENuke X is fully compatible with Google’s frequent changes!

SENuke X are providing a fully functional 14 day trial, they also have a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

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RogerBSENuke X Delivers Automated SEO

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