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Are you trying very hard to promote your wordpress blog online? WordPress is very powerful & scalable & there is a whole world of Plugins out there that you can use to create almost every feature you want on your blog. Most plugins are free, some Premium WordPress Plugins are more powerful & offer functionality that can help you achieve your web promotion goals. Buying these premium plugins is a wise thing to do, as they enable you to accomplish more than what you can do in a given time. These Plugins offer direct customer support and have an active support team to help you with any issues. Premium WordPress Plugins are effective & value for money.

Here is a list of Premium WordPress Plugins that are very effective & can help you create, promote & socially engage!

Pingback Optimizer

Pingback Optimizer is a easy to integrate automated link building plugin that works around the clock placing your pingbacks and trackbacks in an RSS feed to submit to RSS directories. The RSS directories in turn link to the url’s of your pingback/trackback feed and effectively boosts your search engine rankings. This is all done automatically within a “set and forget” configuration. For this reason Pingback Optimizer is the most effective and best premium WordPress Plugin for automated backlink building available.

Price: $23.50 Single Domain, $48.50 for Unlimited Domain



Reviewazon 2

Reviewazon 2 WordPress plugin helps you quickly and easily build an autopilot Amazon product review site in just matter of minutes. Reviewazon 2 will save you a lot of time and effort by automatically retrieving the keyword-targeted affiliate products and associated REAL customer reviews from Amazon. Reviewazon in one of the top of best wordpress plugin for amazon associate because it doesn’t only have great feature but also comes with great support.


WPZonBuilder 2

WPZonBuilder 2 is another effective & easy to use Amazon WordPress plugin, it delivers more features that aren’t provided by any other Amazon plugin in the market. WPZonBuilder 2 add bulk product feature is its USP, in one time you can see more than 100 product search results. In WpZonBuilder 2, you can get more exposure with custom field mapping, search browse node, the RDFa/Rich Snippets support which is good for SEO purpose, star rater in the comment form which is only had by WPZonBuilder to allow your visitor post comment and rate your post, and many more new feature that come in this version.


WP Robot

The most effective & popular automated blogging solution out there, WP Robot is a powerful autoblogging plugin that will automatically post YouTube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay Auctions, Clickbank ads and more to your WordPress blog around the clock without you doing anything. There are many autoblogging plugins out there, however WP Robot is the most sophisticated & functional to create targeted blog posts on any given topic without every writing a thing. It can also rewrite or translate the content it posts for further uniqueness.

Price: $30-$169 Pick and choose modules


WP Snowball

WP Snowball automatically creates other new posts when readers visit your main post. These new posts are inserted in excerpt mode on your main post with a ‘read more’ link which is directed your readers to its full content as your WordPress post too. How this plugin works is uniquely different from other autoblog plugins, besides choosing the keyword on plugin setting, you also have to create first post. This post will be a trigger of “snowball effect”. In this level, your main post is at 0 level and the other posts created by Wp Snowball plugin will be at 1-99 levels. Wp Snowball can’t create unique content because there is no rewriter or spinner feature in this plugin. But, to solve this issue, you can use Wp Spinner plugin which can create more unique content.

Price: $147 for 100 Blogs, $247 for Unlimited.



Automate Blog Backlinks, Create unlimited organic tweets a great way to create autopilot google traffic. This is unusual & phenomenal to get awesome traffic by just adding a plugin to your wordpress weblog. Every time you make a post to your blog, LaserTweet will make a tweet (or a bunch of tweets) about that post. Each of these tweets is a backlink for your blog.

Price: $47

WP Turbo

WP turbo plugin rearranges content on your blog posts to make them unique. Just create the right blog for a product and select one of the many modules that relates to the product and you will get all the data and pictures you will need for the post. You can start with any topic that you want, can be a video blog, cooking site or ad listings, WP Turbo will create it in matter of minutes. It has 20 different modules which are different from other autoblog plugin like WP Robot. Some of its modules are Musicmatch module for creating music lyric website, IMDB for creating film information website, Heyzap for creating video game website, and recipes module for creating a recipe website. Wp Turbo also has icodes module for those who want to create coupon website using premium coupon service from icodes database. Besides, it’s integrated too with general modules such as twitter, Amazon, eBay, Flickr, freelancer, itunes, youtube and many more modules.


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