8 Free Open Source Shopping Carts

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Sometimes you can not afford to get a custom shopping cart coded, the perfect solution to this situation is to get the best of the Open Source Shopping Carts.

We have used, reviewed and tries our hands on plenty of open source shopping carts and put together a list of the best carts. Following are the best ones:

Magneto is a professional opensource ecommerce solution offering flexibility and control. Magento is amazing and advanced. Unbelievably It is for free. It features clean urls which are great for SEO. The entire set up is completely Scalable, Professional and has a great community support. This Shopping cart also allows smooth Integration with 3rd party apps.

Opencart is an opensource PHP based shopping cart. OpenCart is easy to use and is SEO optimized comes with a very nice interface. A great feature of OpenCart is that customers can put in their reviews of the products.

Agoracart is a very popular online shopping cart, written in Perl/MySQL. It includes advanced css manager through which you can alter look of your cart online. AgoraCart also features unlimited product options, up to 4 different tax zones at the same time, tons of shipping and payment gateways/options. The setup options range from a simple template based store to the integration of a complex visual design and support for program modification.

Cubecart is also a very popular shopping cart. CubeCart V3 is free for download. CubeCart support almost all kind of payment gateways and shipping gateways. Their support forums are lively and many people contribute plugins to the cart. To use CubeCart V4 you must pay but it has many features that V3 doesn’t have.

PrestaShop is a robust, professional shopping cart that you can use for free. It includes a full featured back end to manage your inventory, orders, shipping, and customers in real time. Your customer’s payments are sent directly to your commercial bank account using the latest security technology. You can even add your own modules to the shopping cart.

ZenCart is a free, user friendly, open source shopping cart. Zen Cart has been created for the layman users like various merchants and shoppers instead of the developers. Zen Cart also supports multiple payment and shipping options, quantity discounts and coupons. Installation process is simple and easy to do

Oscommerce is an online shopping cart that offers a wide range of features that allows online stores to be setup fairly quickly. osCommerce is backed by a great and active community. It also supports multiple currencies, allows customers to print invoices from the order screen, and has an easy database backup system. This is immensely popular and probably first shopping cart that everyone tries their hands on

StoreSprite is a powerful, free PHP/MySQL shopping cart system that is easy to install. It is customizable. . StoreSprite has many advanced features including automatic tax calculation, automatic delivery cost calculations, customer ratings and reviews and featured products.

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Aditi8 Free Open Source Shopping Carts

20 Comments on “8 Free Open Source Shopping Carts”

  1. stressless phil

    I like many of the PHP shopping carts. They deliver the content well and no database issues to speak of. I’m actually going to check out OpenCart. Thanks for the info.

  2. Harun Shaikh

    Nice list,

    Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento and OScommerce are great carts.
    they have web 2.0 features as well .(some inbuilt or in form of modules)

    I think cart revolution has begun.

    many thanks

  3. Jenifer Phillips


    I think now in all over the world the peoples used much used of the soft wears.Of course the the
    development of the software’s is international levels Because the soft wears is more useful for the users
    and they save their time as compered to others sources.There is a wide variety of shopping cart software on the
    e commerce market. You can choose suitable solution from cheap shareware scripts to expensive custom applications.
    i will appreciate you. please keep it on continue.

  4. bal

    Magneto is the hottest, but it is not as easy as OScommerce when comes in customizing and extend its functionality at least for me.

  5. Erin

    I installed Magento on a shared hosted server, and it runs slower than molasses in January! Each screen load takes 4-6 seconds. ZenCart runs faster but the UI is a bit dated. I’m going to try OpenCart – it has a Basecamp-like interface which is nice.

  6. lapubell

    every web developer will love FoxyCart. Totally open ended, really easy to implement, and you can style it however you want! no tables, no divs, just place the tags how you want them. makes it super easy to implement a cart on a site that has a very specific look and feel.

  7. Lesya

    All shopping carts listed are very competitive. It depends on the peculiarities of your business which one is better for you.

    If you decide to go let’s say with Zen Cart you can easily switch to this e-commerce platform with cart2cart web service. It automates data transfer fm your shopping cart to Zen Cart (www.shopping-cart-migration.com)

  8. sudee_85

    Very Nice List. With availablity of so many Open source Shopping carts .. Paid ones are getting a hard time:)… Anyway.. I feel that Oscommerce should be a Bit Higher in the List.. Though I Agree that its for more Advanced Users.

  9. GRURU

    I would like to say that OpenCart is definitely the greatest shopping cart available out there. I’ve benn through some others and spent a lot of time and none of the others worked at the end.

  10. Leon

    Opencart with an easy-to-use administrator panel where all the orders can be viewed, products can be defined, etc. And, a very nice feature OpenCart offers is the “coupons” where discounts can be set on a “per product” basis.

    I have found OpenCart to be simple yet a powerful solution, and my clients love how easy it is to use. There are good support on these forums too which is great.

  11. Andy

    Magento – Too slow in Shared Hosting environment, and a bit hard to implement without “studying” a lot.
    OpenCart definitely has a really nice interface (admin)
    PrestaShop is as good as OpenCart except for the admin interface.
    ZenCart and OsCommerce are from the SAME root and are TOO OLD in terms of technology, interface, and the whole.
    I have no comment on other carts as I never develop carts using them.

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