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Whatever you business is, if it is based on sales and online promotion, it matters to have a super functional Shopping Cart and Search Optimization for the same, cause if you won’t have prospective buyers reaching to your websites, you will never be able to make sales.

As there are plenty of shopping carts out there, it is important that you choose the best one, however, whichever you have used it is critical to optimize your online store for search engines.

As in the case of simpler processors like PayPal, Google Checkout, you just need to worry about optimizing the web pages on your website. In case you are using other complex shopping carts it is important that you make special effort to make them SEO friendly.

We get plenty of clients, who have a great store, amazing inventory and unbeatable pricing but they do not have visitors, which makes their business to suffer.

There are plenty of so called SEO specialist sharks, who will like you to enroll into their promotion packages, little they will explain what are they going to do with your website… sometimes this can be fatal, if the SEO company that you choose is stressing on unethical ways and is concentrating less at onsite improvements.

There are following three important things for you to note on your shopping cart, if you want to make your website Search Engine Friendly

  • Make sure it your shopping cart is simple, clean and scalable
  • You must get to control your page titles, meta tags and alt attributes.
  • Search engine readable URLs for your pages and also filenames.

One approach that is useful, is to allow dynamic, yet Search Engine friendly product catalog and detailed pages as static web pages. If you are adding a shopping cart to your existing website you will also need to ensure that any existing rankings are not lost.

Some popular shopping carts now have SEO integrated into them seamlessly, however there are many other shopping carts that are still not very search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimizing Shopping Carts
Whether you are intending on having a search engine optimization company assist you with your shopping cart optimization, or you will be doing it on your own, following tips will help you.

Some of the websites owners are handling their web hosting themselves, while some have no idea about the same, who ever is working on making your shopping cart SE friendly will require to have server level access. As various files that are located in the root folder which may need to be uploaded, edited and revised.

Some of these files are:

  • .HTACCESS File
  • Robots.txt File
  • Google Verification File
  • Template Files

Having server level access ensures that these modifications can be made by you, a web developer or professional SEO expert.

All shopping carts have differences on their templating systems and all website templates are not similar. In order to make your website search engine friendly, you will require the ability to modify the shopping cart template (which mean appropriate technical skills) which ensures that you can incorporate headings, sub-headings, unique titles, Meta descriptions, meta keywords and a search engine friendly navigation system. This will make your website crawl able by the search engine spiders.

Usually the default settings used in most shopping carts or content management systems (CMS) are not search engine friendly, with only few exceptional systems.

You will require to enable certain specific settings that will help you to increase your website rankings and page indexing. These special types of settings are:

  • Mod-Rewrite / Search Engine Friendly URL Rewriting
  • Textual Navigation Structure
  • Hierarchy Product Structure

These properties can essentially make your website able to be indexed and achieve search engine rankings on all search engines including Google.

Besides just following above steps, you will need to continually make efforts, add modules and other various useful add-ons that will help you with natural rankings. The most important factor in doing well with any website, is to have original content and not duplicating or copying the content. When people like your website, content, product and it is very very visible on search engines you will get recommended, sometimes word of mouth, sometimes as incoming links which are very beneficial for your website rankings. So one must strive to build strong websites, that will be liked by everyone who visits them.

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