In today’s Internet world a CSS design represents a new, much more powerful way to lay out websites. The conventional cumbersome tables that were used in the past to create web pages but many haven’t upgraded to the latest even till now, this has made their website suffer a lot. CSS designs o other hand have great ranking due to its quality code structure.

CSS design makes your WebPages to download more quickly, makes your website much easier to manage, and has numerous web usability, accessibility and search engine optimization benefits. Basically, the CSS design is a remarkable.

Just Skins is offering high quality CSS designs for sale. We have a huge variety of themes and layout styles. Ideal for your personal website, corporate website, ecommerce store or more..

Just Skins is specialized in CSS layouts and our designers are top level experts in CSS 2.0 (which introduced positioning) our CSS designs is compatible with over 99% of browsers out there.

Drupal Web Design
Our highly skilled Drupal Theme developers can create a custom themes for your Drupal 7 website. Our themes are 100% XHTML/CSS complaint and SEO friendly with a usability focused design.

Web pages built with CSS for layout tend to have much smaller file sizes than those using tabular layouts. Smaller file sizes obviously mean reduced bandwidth costs, which for high traffic sites can mean enormous savings.

The main reason for this dramatic decrease in file size is that presentation information is placed in the external CSS document, called up once when the homepage loads up and then cached (stored) on to the user’s computer. Table layouts on the other hand, place all presentation information inside each HTML, which is then called up and downloaded for every page on the site.

Just Skins has used CSS to replace JavaScript image rollovers, again allowing a large reduction in overall page size. See the article, CSS navigation menu2 for more on this.

A Just Skins CSS-based website design appears higher in the search engine rankings because of following:

  • Cleaner code and therefore more accessible to search engines.
  • Relevant content hierarchy on the HTML document.
  • Better Keyword & Content density.

A higher search engine ranking means more site visitors and better business. All advantages of CSS design discussed above conclude that it is important for anyone to switch to CSS, Just Skins has made it a lot simpler. Check out the CSS designs and own them at a very very affordable price.

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