15 More Green Website Design Ideas

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We did some post about some well made Green websites and obviously a lot of water has flown down the river Thames since then. We found some more artistic and creative websites which we now believe could have easily made it to our list of 15 Refreshing Green Website Designs. Instead of messing with our earlier post, its much better … Read More

Jyoti15 More Green Website Design Ideas

13 Website Background Design Resources

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We made a post about some website background pattern generator yesterday and I thought it would be only helpful if we also do a similar post about websites which are offering free background patterns. You can check them for inspiration or to use them in your own work while giving the link that it deserves. We are however sorry to … Read More

Jyoti13 Website Background Design Resources

8 Free Dreamweaver Templates

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Dreamweaver Templates are not much in demand and that’s one reason why there are very few of them. It takes quite a few time to find suitable ones for your site. We found some so that you don’t have to waste your time putting keywords on Google and yield the best of them. Hope you like them. Enjoy. High Velocity … Read More

Jyoti8 Free Dreamweaver Templates

15 Refreshing Green Website Designs

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It’s challenging to satisfy everyone’s palate and more so if you happen to be a web designer. You have to in some way or another compromise between the usability and the visual attractiveness of a website. Most websites tend to leave the visual frenzy to designers for their portfolios which leaves slightly cramped room for innovation. We scoured some websites … Read More

Aditi15 Refreshing Green Website Designs

14 Website Designs with exceptional Header Ideas

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The header of a website is without any doubt the most integral element of a website which sometimes just make or break the first impression. The mortals who are still living on dial up would know that if the website header is not visually appealing or gives a slight hint of what the website is all about then they won’t … Read More

Aditi14 Website Designs with exceptional Header Ideas

14 Web page Backgrounds for Design Inspiration

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These days, I have been spending a lot of time rendering new graphic designs, some how I have felt that there is a new trend out there to use your background wisely, gone are they days when graphic designers used to use a BG image to accentuate their web page and a dark background just did that. These days innovative … Read More

Aditi14 Web page Backgrounds for Design Inspiration