We Convert your PSD into Xhtml

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From last few months we have been receiving a lot of inquires for  Psd into Xhtml projects, while we were majorly focusing on custom WordPress, Magento, Drupal & Joomla Projects. Now we are offering PSD into Xhtml/CSS service at an affordable price looking at its demand. We also will cater PSD into any CMS, like wordpress, Drupal, Magento or Joomla. … Read More

AditiWe Convert your PSD into Xhtml

20 Dark CSS Website Designs for your inspiration

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Stepping away from the relative safety of white or light background in web design can sometimes be quite challenging. If it is designed properly, using a dark background, the effect can be very impressive. Here are 20 beautiful and creative Dark CSS Website Designs. Few days ago we did a similar post on Dark Websites Design. Olliekav: Diaframma: LeeMunroe: Kavoon:

Jyoti20 Dark CSS Website Designs for your inspiration

22 Red Website Designs

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Valentine’s Day is near and love is in the air. Red is the color of season and people will be buying those Valentine Red Roses at double the price to impress their loved ones. We are deviants and thus we chose to explore Red in the website designs. Red is an intense color and not many designers like to experiment … Read More

Matt22 Red Website Designs

Recommended CSS Web Galleries for Inspiration

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CSS and Flash web galleries are great places to get inspiration from. Most galleries showcase loads of good and original concepts which can help you and inspire you to create your own better products. Many blogs have mushroomed up which showcase the best and the most exciting websites daily and I do find myself checking them once in a while … Read More

JyotiRecommended CSS Web Galleries for Inspiration

Web Based Tools For Optimizing And Formatting CSS

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Some of the best free Web Based tools for optimizing and formatting the CSS . Clean CSS : Clean CSS is a powerful CSS Optimizer and formatter. Basically, it takes your CSS code and makes it cleaner and more concise. You can set your desired compression level and customize compression option. It prints out a line-by-line report afterwards to show … Read More

JyotiWeb Based Tools For Optimizing And Formatting CSS

Styling Dead HTML Forms With CSS Part-1

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Following is the code for a plain HTML form: <form action=”#”> <p><label for=”name”>Name</label> <input type=”text” id=”name” /></p> <p><label for=”e-mail”>E-mail</label> <input type=”text” id=”e-mail”/></p> <p class=”submit”><input type=”submit” value=”Submit” /></p> </form> It looks like this in your browser: Pretty dead, huh? Why not bring some life to this old fashioned, simple html form with some cool CSS code?

EdwardStyling Dead HTML Forms With CSS Part-1

Creating CSS Border in 2 easy Steps

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Today we will be creating borders for our web page using CSS. If you are a web designer or developer, then I am sure that you must be aware of the invincible flexibility that CSS offers to any static as well as dynamic web page. I too got to experience the power of CSS with you while writing some tricky( … Read More

EdwardCreating CSS Border in 2 easy Steps

Creating Navigation Menus with CSS

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This CSS tutorial will guide you in creating a complete CSS based navigation menu for your website. Now you can leave apart the almost unachievable task of fixing those monstrous html codes as now the Cascading Style sheets have come up with a solution which not only removes your dependency on HTML for creating navigation menus, but also makes your … Read More

EdwardCreating Navigation Menus with CSS

PHP + CSS = Auto update your web pages

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Using PHP & CSS to change the style of a Webpage In one of my previous posts on CSS Guide, I had discussed about how different style values can be implemented dynamically with php on the basis of user input. Today we will be moving a step further & we will utilize the power of the PHP date() function to … Read More

EdwardPHP + CSS = Auto update your web pages

Creating Dynamic Stylesheets with PHP – Part 1

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This is a simple tutorial article which describes how you can dynamically generate a CSS code using PHP. Generally every programming book & online resource stresses more on the integration of PHP with HTML. Here we are gonna change the rule. We will show you how the repeated tasks such as setting the color of a webpage element in CSS … Read More

EdwardCreating Dynamic Stylesheets with PHP – Part 1