Adobe Photoshop Vs Lightroom Vs Aperture

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Adobe Photoshop is the standard choice for photographers, graphic artists and Web designers. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom  & Apple’s Aperture are also in the same league but the usage is vastly different. Although Photoshop is most popular & widely used by photographers, but in many ways it’s less relevant to photographers than ever before. As Lightroom & Aperture is aimed squarely at photographers … Read More

AditiAdobe Photoshop Vs Lightroom Vs Aperture

Adobe Photoshop CS5 vs Photoshop CS5 extended

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Adobe Photoshop has been an industry standard for most web designers & photographers worldwide. Photoshop CS5 has made photography editing much more refined and the composition process has become much easier than ever before.  To study the advantage of Photoshop CS5 extended over Photoshop CS5 we have written this comparison article, with both a Designer’s & Photographer’s perspective. Hopefully it shall help you in your … Read More

EdwardAdobe Photoshop CS5 vs Photoshop CS5 extended

Important Tips to make a user friendly Homepage

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We have done a lot of redesign work lately for many online businesses.. There are some basic things we want to stress into any web design which make it usable! Unfortunately most designers care about the graphic elements, clean code & navigation only. Most designers do not realize that a design they did could be a masterpiece to them but … Read More

AditiImportant Tips to make a user friendly Homepage

Photoshop Retro Vintage Design Tutorials

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Gone are the days when designers only wanted to create high glossy web2.0 gradient rich website designs. Now a days designers are coming up with rugged, retro & vintage themes for their website designs. Colorful or subtle with that worn out look the website seems like a masterpiece. It is not hard to pick up on such Photoshop techniques to … Read More

AditiPhotoshop Retro Vintage Design Tutorials

10 CSS Grid Layout Generators

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There are a lot of online generators which are of no use to any designers, however some can help designers to an extent. Some example of online generators are favicon generators, background generators, button generators, and badge generators. A demo of a CSS layout can be seen at Price in India blog. Some of the useful kinds are the ones that solve one … Read More

Jyoti10 CSS Grid Layout Generators

5 Mac Applications For Web And Graphic Design

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In this article free applications useful and effective for the development and creation of websites with your Mac computer. Without further ado, here are 5 Excellent Mac Application for Web and Graphic Design. Fotoflexer : Fotoflexer claims to be “The world’s most advanced online image editor”. It offers completely free access to numerous features such as photo effects, graphics, shapes, … Read More

Jyoti5 Mac Applications For Web And Graphic Design

15 Stylish Navigation Menus For Inspiration

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A site’s navigation menu is one of the most prominent things that users see when they first visit. There are many ways to design a navigation menu  and since almost all websites have some form of navigation designers have to push their creative limits to build one that’s remarkable and outstanding. In this article, you’ll find a showcase of beautiful, … Read More

Jyoti15 Stylish Navigation Menus For Inspiration

10 Useful CSS Tips And Tutorials

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CSS is a technology that web designers use everyday, but yet it is something that most struggle with as well. Whether it’s keeping stylesheets for large sites manageable or creating image effects that are cross browser compatible, there are plenty of things to cause frustration. This article is an attempt to provide you with a few resources that might help … Read More

Jyoti10 Useful CSS Tips And Tutorials

15 Inspirational Website Introductions

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In the times of impressive web2.0 designs and portfolio, designers have tough competition. It is said that first impression has the last impression, therefore it is important to have an interesting introductory text consisting of a few words about the company or designer behind the site. These introduction is useful for readers as it provides clear information about the designer … Read More

Jyoti15 Inspirational Website Introductions

10 Tutorials For Advanced Web Designers

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Advanced Glow Effects: Learn how to create advanced glow effects on lines or text. Create a Dream Design With 3D Typography: Create 3D organic text and an accompanying design with this excellent tutorial. Trendy Geometric Lines: Learn how to create the popular geometric line effects used in web and print design.

Jyoti10 Tutorials For Advanced Web Designers