Windows Vista on Apple MacBook Pro

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Last night a Designer friend of mine who primarily uses Macbook pro contacted me to help him fix a stylesheet for a design he is working on to work perfectly fine on IE6 and IE7. He had not secondary machine or desktop to render the same design and so he was facing difficulty. For designers especially, It is useful to … Read More

AditiWindows Vista on Apple MacBook Pro

15 Resources For Web Developers

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Firebug: The firefox extension which lets you edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. CSS Sprite Generator: It reduces the number of HTTP Requests while rendering webpages. CSS Tidy: It optimizes and parses the CSS code and thus reduces the file size by removing unnecessary code. CSS Grid Builder: The Grids Builder is an … Read More

Jyoti15 Resources For Web Developers

Create Polls and Surveys on Your Website

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Blogging is a very open communication with people you don’t even know but there are times when you seek a response from your reader. One way is to directly ask them in your blog post and expect some of them to reply in the comments section and the other thing you can do is to create a poll. Having a … Read More

MattCreate Polls and Surveys on Your Website

Useful Websites Made by Google Maps API

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Well we all know how much we all love the Google Maps, since these were created, Life has been easier. Getting to, Getting there. From here to where were simply best answered by this. Not to forget how often we find ourseleves playing with Google Street View, it doesn’t stop amazing us. In the Web2.0 times, we have been looking … Read More

AditiUseful Websites Made by Google Maps API

Evaluate Web Accessibility With These 7 Tools

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It’s only wise to check that your website complies all the standards and web accessibility is one area where not many developers tend to spend their time. Checking for web accessibility makes sense as you reach out to more audiences which is precisely the main motive behind having a virtual web presence. The other benefit of evaluating web accessibility is … Read More

MattEvaluate Web Accessibility With These 7 Tools

How to Track Clicks on Outgoing Links

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This is a cool howto, for you to use Google Analytics itself to track outgoing links, that too without adding the necessary JavaScript to each and every link. This is pretty easy, you will utilize Google Analytics and jQuery. This method will add outbound link tracking to any website. Make sure that your links to other sites open a new … Read More

AditiHow to Track Clicks on Outgoing Links