How to install Sweetcron on XAMPP

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This tutorial will take you to the installation steps required to install Sweetcron in the XAMPP. I am taking the liberty to assume that you have already installed XAMPP. I First of all download sweetcron and copy the extracted “sweetcron” folder inside the htdocs folder in the XAMPP directory. You have to get few things in place before installing sweetcron: … Read More

MattHow to install Sweetcron on XAMPP

3 Comment Systems you can try on your website

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I recently tried my hands at using Sweetcron which is a lifestream application. You can visualize it as Friendfeed as a CMS which will display your feeds using RSS. Now I managed to install it pretty fine except few hiccups here and there but one of the places where I had to stop and choose was using the commenting system … Read More

Matt3 Comment Systems you can try on your website

Free Custom Twitter Backgrounds to personalize your profile

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Twitter started as a micro blogging network but it has now transitioned into a full fledged social network. The more internet savvy or geeks boast of their presence on twitter while there are people who use it over sms. The essence of any social network is the freedom of its users to customize their profiles. Twitter does offer some backgrounds … Read More

MattFree Custom Twitter Backgrounds to personalize your profile

8 Facebook Chat Desktop and Web Applications

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Facebook is en route to become the next Myspace and there’s no reason why it can’t do so. The growth of Facebook in recent past has been phenomenal and the small campus community from Harvard has now reached some serious number of users. I personally know people for whom Internet is facebook and facebook chat is everything else so I … Read More

Matt8 Facebook Chat Desktop and Web Applications

iPhone applications for Web Designers & Developers

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There has been so much frenzy around Apple iPhone and the application store envisaged by Apple certainly added more punch to the iPhone as a dream phone. No doubt that Cocoa developers latched on to it and created iPhone ready applications in no time. The iPhone App Store might have become the cause of envy for other mobile phone manufacturers … Read More

MattiPhone applications for Web Designers & Developers

Open Source WYSIWYG Text Editors

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There’s this perception that the best coders tend to code on a notepad and I will leave that to you for any criticism but you must always go with your instinct and choose the option that suits you the most. WYSIWYG or “What You See Is What You Get” does provide the option for the noobs to deal with code … Read More

JyotiOpen Source WYSIWYG Text Editors

Fontstruct | Simple Font Maker to Create own Fonts

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We talked about Yourfonts yesterday which lets you create TrueType fonts of your own handwriting in no time. We found one more resource which let you create your own fonts. Don’t confuse the following resource with Yourfonts because the following application will let you create your fonts not fonts of your handwriting. Let’s see what it is.

MattFontstruct | Simple Font Maker to Create own Fonts

10 Multi Protocol IM Clients

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I like to keep my contacts organized and that’s one reason why i prefer using different im services for different tasks. i tend to use Gmail or Google Talk for my professional contacts while I use MSN for my friends. This often requires me to either have both Google Talk and MSN live clients open or I use a multi-protocol … Read More

Matt10 Multi Protocol IM Clients

Softwares to Synchronize Data on your Mac and Windows Desktop

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If you are even remotely like me then you must be using multiple computers to perform your work and the daily dose of video gaming. I tend to shuffle between three machines to do my work and thus I try to seek an uniformity in all the desktops. It is quite a challenge to synchronize certain files between all the … Read More

MattSoftwares to Synchronize Data on your Mac and Windows Desktop