FFmpeg Video Hosting for Linux and Windows Server

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FFmpeg hosting is a special type of web hosting where the host servers have video transcoding software loaded on them, which allows the automatic conversion of videos from one format to another. FFmpeg is a cross-platform solution for recording, converting, transcoding and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec – the leading audio/video codec library. FFmpeg hosting gets its name … Read More

MattFFmpeg Video Hosting for Linux and Windows Server

25 Beautiful 404 Error Pages

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Internet has become a more beautiful place now than it used to be till few years back. I am saying this in terms of beauty of the web designs. The look and feel of the websites are now much better than what they used to be. The continuous evolution in the web designing technologies have contributed immensely towards the beautification … Read More

Matt25 Beautiful 404 Error Pages

10 Brilliant iPhone Themes

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The iPhone is the darling of Cocoa developers and it is worth a research on how iPhone made it big by the immense support provided by theses developers in the form of apps they made. Many more companies are now trying their own models of Application Store and we’d know how they fare out in coming future. Meanwhile there’s something … Read More

Matt10 Brilliant iPhone Themes

Twitter Clients to Filter Groups

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Today I was asked by Ravish (our developer) about some twitter clients which let you filter the tweets of certain users so that you can only concentrate on the ones that matter to you. I have been using Tweetdeck for quite some time and I suggested it for its ability to create groups. The biggest disappointment with Tweetdeck however is … Read More

MattTwitter Clients to Filter Groups

15 More Green Website Design Ideas

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We did some post about some well made Green websites and obviously a lot of water has flown down the river Thames since then. We found some more artistic and creative websites which we now believe could have easily made it to our list of 15 Refreshing Green Website Designs. Instead of messing with our earlier post, its much better … Read More

Jyoti15 More Green Website Design Ideas

Flaunt your WorkStation pics at Deskography

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How often have you sneaked in to see the work spaces of your peers and felt yourselves little unlucky? You are never very revealing about it but somewhere in your mind you do desire to have a better workstation. There are not many sources where you can see others work desks except some forums where people send in the pics … Read More

MattFlaunt your WorkStation pics at Deskography

Name My Design Company Slot Machine

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The Recession/ Depression has not hit the web as hard as some of the other sectors yet while some people are viewing the present situation as an opportunity left to be exploited. The entrepreneurial deviants won’t hesitate to start their own firm no matter what the circumstances are.

MattName My Design Company Slot Machine

6 Last.fm Based Music Mashups

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Last.fm is indeed a great site for any music lover and you have been living an internet-illiterate life in case you are hearing about this website for the first time. I have been a huge fan of last.fm and I prefer to listen to music on Last.fm radio than music stored on my computer hard disk. Last.fm has a strong … Read More

Matt6 Last.fm Based Music Mashups

5 Twitter Services to Bypass 140 Character Limit

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A lot of people I know are twitterholics and I believe the way things are going I might also become one of them. Some of the people have also started to use it as one medium where they can discuss or have a communication around social media because it’s usually the social media guys who you’d see making most noise … Read More

Matt5 Twitter Services to Bypass 140 Character Limit

Follow JustSkins On Twitter

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We would like to announce that JustSkins is on Twitter now. We would recommend all our lovers to join JustSkins on Twitter if you don’t want to miss what we are doing. Follow JustSkins This will hopefully make for great time together with you people.

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