10 WordPress Plugins For Google Adsense

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WordPress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins. Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program and proper custom integration with WordPress can help to increase Adsense earnings. Many blogs survive through the google adsense. Now we have gathered 10 WordPress plugins which help you implement, control and overview AdSense ads on your … Read More

Jyoti10 WordPress Plugins For Google Adsense

The Top 10 WordPress RSS Plugins

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Better Feed: Better feed is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to embellish your feeds with several highly customizable features. You can add “Read More” link, Copyright notice, number of comments, “Add to delicious” link and even incoming links in Google. Better Feed improves connectivity between your feed and your site. Feed Styler: This plugin lets you edit your … Read More

JyotiThe Top 10 WordPress RSS Plugins

8 Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugins

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These days, social networking and bookmarking sites can help you improve your daily blog traffic. It can substantially increase your popularity and increase daily visitor count. Whenever you write a great article, it’s in your best interest to share, bookmark, digg, stumble, or plug it to the world. When someone reads a great post from you, make them spread it. … Read More

Aditi8 Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugins

WordPress Admin Themes : Give dashboard a new look

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Are you sick of the wordpress default dashboard theme? While the newest one is so smooth, airy and lovely to work with. You may want to change it for your taste. The WordPress control panel theme can be changed with the help of Admin themes. Following is a list of few popular plugins to change the layout and visual design … Read More

AditiWordPress Admin Themes : Give dashboard a new look

7 Plugins to for your Comments Section

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Commenting section is very vital, it is just great to see your reader input their views and thoughts about your posts. Keep your comments section spiced up, here are few WordPress plugins that helps in achieving this. Ajax Comments: Ajax Comments is one of the best ways you could spice up your WordPress Blog with AJAX. Readers are definitely going … Read More

Aditi7 Plugins to for your Comments Section

WordPress User related Plug-ins

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Add fun to your web blog, let your visitors interact more with you, know who are reading you and what their opinion is, believe me, each comment that you would get motivates you to continue useful blogging and it’s just great to have cool capabilities on your blog like Polls, user avatars and shout boxes. Try out following WordPress plugins … Read More

AditiWordPress User related Plug-ins

Post related Plug-ins for WordPress

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Give your blog a more pro look by adding various different posts featured on your blog home, by adding related posts to your blog post and so much, such features ensure more readership, and also your readers tend to spend more time on your blog. These cool functionalities are simple to deploy, there are few useful. We often use these … Read More

AditiPost related Plug-ins for WordPress

Ads and Banner Rotator WordPress Plugins

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We have reviewed random generators and rotators that you can use to feature random ads and banners on your WordPress blog. While some of them are very simple scripts, some of them are easy-to-use and customizable WordPress Ad rotator Plugins. WPAds WordPress Plugin has various rotating options and even allows you to define various ad positions on your blog. It … Read More

AditiAds and Banner Rotator WordPress Plugins

Amazon.com WordPress Plugins

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All new blogs, who have now started to get enough traffic go about looking for various way to monetize their blog, one option that they have is adding Amazon.com plugins. There are several different Plugins that will help you add Amazon.com ads, wishlists, current reading lists, and other Amazon ad types to your WordPress blog. The Plugin that does it … Read More

AditiAmazon.com WordPress Plugins

5 Cool WordPress Admin Plug-ins

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Dashboard Editor- Allows you to add or remove whatever you want from the WordPress dashboard to be more useful to you. Download Dashboard Editor WP Admin Bar Reloaded- Displays links to the Administration Panel at the extreme top of a blog’s page – but only for users who are logged in and have permission to view the given functions. Download … Read More

Aditi5 Cool WordPress Admin Plug-ins