17 Tools To Create Website Screenshots

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One thing that I am supposed to do out of necessity and demand while blogging is to capture the screen shots. It is definitely one thing that we wished was better managed by Microsoft while making xp or even Vista. The screenshots captured with Print Screen and then pasting it on Paint lack clarity and almost ruin the colors. There are however some tools you can use which makes capturing screen shots quite a breeze.

Firefox add-ons/plugins

I love Firefox and I prefer to use a plugin rather than a full fledged software on my system. There are few extensions which can help you to take screen shots.

Fireshot is perhaps the best Firefox extension for capturing images on your desktop and it has features that will cause envy to some of the desktop applications. It lets you edit images, add shapes in it or make pointers. You can also do some drawing on your captured screen shot and further upload on their website. You will get a BBCode and other similar codes to embed on your blog or website.

Screengrab does one thing and that is capturing screenshots. It does not create much fuss about it and go for it for its simplicity.

Abduction is also a very simple firefox plugin which lets you capture the whole or the part of a web page and save it as an image.

WebShots takes screen shots of the web pages. You will have to press Alt+W to activate it on Firefox.

Picnik is famous online image editor and you can also capture screenshots with it, You upload the visible or full page of a website to picnik and may do some editing if you so desire. The only problem is that why would I upload an image file of a screenshot to picnik because I don’t think we need to edit screen shots very often.

If you are not that fond of Mozilla Firefox then you can also install some standalone desktop applications for capturing screen shots which are mentioned below.

Webshot is a very nifty windows application for taking screen shots. You type in the URL of the website you want the image of and it does the rest. It also allows you to take screen shots of more than one website simultaneously.

SnagIt was and is one of the best application i this league. It provides you with all the features you will ever need while capturing screen shots. It integrates with Firefox web browser and replaces the Print Screen function of Windows with its own one. It is a paid application and a free trial of SnagIt is also available.

Jing Project is a great product and capturing screen shots is just one part of it. It is compatible on Windows as well as Mac systems and it lets you to not just capture images of websites, but you can create screenshot of anything on your desktop. You can further also create a screenscast with Jing while I am yet to find any application which is better than Jing for making tutorials.

Usernote is one application which I routinely use to assist in creating articles or to just collect interesting material on web. Usernote also happens to have a clipper which lets you capture any thing on your desktop be it a website page or an open window.

FastStone Capture is a light app for which makes your screen capturing a little faster. It is a feature rich application and you are supposed to shell out $19.95 for buying it.

Paparazzi is a simple Mac application for capturing screen shots. You put in the address of website and the resolution of screen shot you want and leave the rest to Paparazzi. I just want to know one thing about it though, why is it called Paparazzi?

InstantShot is another Mac application you Mac users would like to try out.It lets you capture the whole screen or a portion of it. You can also time when InstantShot should capture the screen shots. It works for capturing the picture of an application window as well.

WebKut is an AIR application which lets you capture the entire page, the current view, or only a selection.

Clip2net is the application you should use when you are looking  to publish a screen shot on the web.

You might like to try some online screen shot web tools also because they are accessible from any computer. So they will be lot more convenient to use when you are away from your computer.

Thumbalizr is a website I have been following since its launch and it has definitely reached quite an altitude now. It gets you the screenshot of particular website when you type in its address.

WebshotsPro is another similar site but the quality of images is not satisfying here.

BrowserShots is targeted towards developers to test their web designs in different web browsers but you can use it to capture images as well.

Matt17 Tools To Create Website Screenshots

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