15 Most Useful Adobe Air Applications

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Adobe Air is a technology invented by adobe that allows developers to bring web application to desktop. In which some of the application created has created a new Web 2.0 wave where the desktop is now powered with web applications and widgets.

DeskTube: DeskTube is a desktop application which allows you to search, view, comment, upload, and download videos from YouTube. While watching a video, you can view the current user’s profile which allows you to see their friends, videos, and favorite videos. You can also download the current video in MOV format for your enjoyment later.

Spaz: Spaz is a free, award-winning Twitter client for the Adobe AIR platform, offering notable features such as access to direct messages and replies, CSS theming, and event sounds.

Dorame: Dorame doesn’t add much to the Pandora listening experience, but it does give you the freedom of being outside of your browser and changing up the appearance of the service.

Feedalizer: Feedalizer is an Adobe AIR application that brings you FriendFeed on your desktop. Many people have downloaded service specific application like TweetDeck, Twhirl and so on but Feedalizr rolls several social tools into one application. You can work with Facebook, Flickr, FriendFeed, Jaiku, Twitter and Video all from this one handy interface.

Klok: Klok is a personal time tracking application that makes it easy for anyone working on multiple clients, projects or tasks to keep track of their hours. In contrast to many time entry applications, Klok is meant for those of us who want to press a button when we start working and another when we stop.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is one of the better site statistics service .While most people love looking at statistics about their websites, Google Analytics can be a bit slow at times for those webmasters that use their tools. This Adobe AIR app gives you the ability to open reports in multiple tabs for easier switching and allows you to change date ranges faster.

Joom Edit: Joomedit is a desktop based Joomla content manager built in Adobe Flex/AIR. It is designed to allow you to manage Joomla content from a sleek and freindly browser independant desktop user interface.

Earth Browser: EarthBrowser offers innovative Earth simulation that combines an easy to navigate, three-dimensional globe with real-time weather conditions and a seven days forecast for thousands of locations. Also featured are live earthquakes, Webcams, volcanoes and current cloud formations. With the screensaver option, EarthBrowser takes over your desktop with a gorgeous image.

Posty: Get all of your FriendFeed. Identi.ca, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr and Twitter updates in one handy application with built-in URL shortening, spell checking, message search and more.

Yammer: Yammer, the private corporate microblogging service, gets a desktop client that runs on the Adobe AIR platform, allowing you to use all the features of the service freed from your browser.

Flickr Flipper: It allows you to search flickr photos and also search for photos from specific flickr users. It uses Papervision to display the photos one at a time and even allows you todownload the photo to your computer.

MyDesktopNotes: MyDesktopNotes is an adobe air widgets that offers the possibility to create notes shown on your desktop. You can create multiple notes and customize them.

MyStylez: MyStylez is the MySpace Profile Editor created with Adobe AIR that contains everything you need for granular control over the design of your MySpace profile. And now it allows you to access all your Flickr photos and drag and drop them on the left side modules to build your MySpace layout with your own custom Flickr photos. You can also upload new photos, with drag and drop if you’re just so inclined to uplod to your Flickr account.

AirPress: AirPress is a unique desktop blogging client powered by Adobe AIR that will integrate to your online WordPress blog and will let you create, edit and manage posts etc.

Password Keeper: Free Password Keeper enables you to manage a database of all your application, Web site, document and other types of passwords. All your passwords are protected by a single master password and your password database is compressed and encrypted to ensure security and portability. You can store a program name, username, password, e-mail, Web site and a description for each password.

Jyoti15 Most Useful Adobe Air Applications

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