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Some PDF to Word Converter is what you might be looking if you are like me who need to convert PDF documents to Word, edit and reuse them. Some PDF to Word Converter is a freeware utility, which converts PDF to Microsoft Word documents. Many online tools can also do PDF to DOC conversion, but business users might not want to upload their sensitive documents to a third party online service. Some PDF Converter also offers conversion tools for PDF to HTML, PDF to Text, Text To PDF and PDF Image Extraction.

Free PDF to Word Converter

Following are Some PDF to Word Converter’s key features:

  • Convert PDF files to Microsoft Word documents.
  • Does not require Adobe software support.
  • Accurately preserves Text, Tables, Graphics & Layout.
  • Batch PDF to Word conversion – convert multiple documents at once.
  • Automatically resize PDF page to fit your required Word page size.
  • Convert outer fonts into text and embedded fonts into images.
  • Automatically links page numbers to all generated pages.
  • Support for encrypted PDF files.

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DeepSome PDF to Word Converter

5 Comments on “Some PDF to Word Converter”

  1. Chuck

    I’m sorry guys, but I wasn’t very impressed. Admittedly the PDF was a bit complex with check boxes, tables, etc., but even the stuff that an online converter got perfect before it failed to even touch the last 6 pages (simple stuff) looked horrible.

    I think you have some more work to do on this one.

  2. devraj

    unfortunately i have to agree with chuck – i love you for making this free but i tried to convert a very simple pdf – all text, some formatting but nothing sophisticated and it came out majorly garbled.

  3. Michael

    It doesn’t even open the program stating there is a error in opening the .exe file
    I use another computer for the internet. This computer is not used for the internet and this is the first program that I cannot open in about a year. Using WinXP and I have 2 web sites as number 1 in search engines so I know my way around computer programs using Front Page 2000

  4. Francis

    Output file turned out to be dots and dashes with a few ???? thrown in for good measure.
    “office Convert Pdf to Word for Doc Free ” is another free program which converted the files with no formatting.
    I suppose all free programs will be based on the theme’you get what you pay for’.

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