6 Story Writing Mac Softwares and Applications

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If you are really good at what you do then it’s only a natural progression that you start teaching the tricks of the trade to succeed and how it can help others. Some start to do blogging to help others while the conventional lot prefer writing books. I am no expert in anything to teach others but I have been contemplating writing short stories since last few weeks so I searched for few story writing softwares or applications to do so. Some of the decent software applications that I tried or learnt about in last few days are mentioned below. However one thing that I felt in all this process is that such softwares are not about more features but the user-interface. I’d like to state that most applications in this list are paid so it’d be better if you download free trial before buying them. I believe that story writing is quite an experience and every application has a different feel to it, so it’s recommended that you go for the one that you find most comfortable.


Scrivener is a paid text editor which seems to have been created by a developer who has experience in story writing. There are text editors and then there are applications made especially for creating stories and Scrivener seems like an ideal application for story writers with options of index cards, corkboard, full screen etc. You gotta try it to appreciate it and for that each one mentioned in this list.What works for might not do the trick for the other.

Ulysses Mac

Ulysses, like Scrivener was also made for writers who need to concentrate on words and seek minimal distraction of any kind. Ulysses supports ten languages which might sound music to the Non-English writers. The notable features of Ulysses are semantic web editing, tabbed single windows customizable interface.


CopyWrite seems like the above mentioned two word processors but there are differences in the way the user interacts with the application. There is a feature in which the writer can make various versions of a rough draft and if they feel their previous version was better then they may also go back.


Avenir calls itself the fiction writing software of Mac OS X and damn it is. It does not seem fussy enough by its uncluttered user-interface. There are however certain features like annotations and smart view which might be useful to you.

Jer\'s Novel Writer

Jer’s Novel Writer appears pale in comparison to others but I know people who use it and absolutely love it which compelled me to mention about this text editor. The user0interface of Novel Writer is pretty tidy and it is relatively simple and straight forward in its approach. It uses an impressive organizational structure which keeps you on track of your story.


Storyist has a slightly more organized user interface with a special feature to generate story sheets for each character that reference major plot points and allow you to define physical traits. This feature is not found in many such applications and it makes Storyist unique and different from the crowd.

There are lot more applications which can alternately be used for story writing but the ones I have mentioned in this list were made spcifically for story writing. I’ll be posting a similar story for Windows in few days.

Matt6 Story Writing Mac Softwares and Applications

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