20 Fantasy Desktop Wallpapers

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We have never tracked the number of readers who enjoy our blog on their RSS Readers but the traffic on the blog is escalating which makes us to believe that you guys are liking the content posted on JustSkins. As a blogger I need to come up with new ideas to talk about on JustSkins and majority of my articles actually emerge from the events that happen in that day. For instance I was looking for some desktop clients to chat with my Facebook friends which eventually resulted in the post I did on the same desktop clients on Facebook. My idea of blogging emanates mainly from the need I face which might be faced by others. I tend to fill the holes of search that people are making and that is the only reason how we manage to provide better content on a regular basis.

Now, I was just thinking about changing the wallpaper on my computer that I was using since last week. I searched some wallpapers on web and found some brilliant ones that I also wanted to show you. That’s how this article originated today morning and I hope you’ll like my choice of desktop backgrounds. I have tried to limit my search of wallpapers to 1280×800 pixels which means people fortunate enough to have large computer screens can also enjoy.

Fragile Gears by Cosmopavone

Fragile Gears

The Bridge by Gate-to-Nowhere

The Bridge

Rainbow Wallpaper by pomeranc94

Rainbow wallpaper

Mysterious Way by pincel3d

Mysterious way

The Magnificent Void 01 by astrologtanja

The magnificent Void

Reflections by Sugargrl14


Sailing The Desert by Gate-to-Nowhere

Sailing the Desert (fantasy wallpaper)

Doors of the Universe WP by Osokin

Doors of the Universe

Liolio Birds by Luana

LioLio Birds

The Temple of Music by Osokin WP

The Temple of Music WP

Living Mushrooms by Bakenius

Living Mushrooms

Book of Wizard by st3to

Book of Wizard

Photosynthesis by RedOX3000


Draw me the World by stickesticker

Draw me the world

Dragon Essence by sayda

Dragon Essence

Monster.under.the.bed by $zilla774

Monster under the bed

Adamant Citadel Zoom by alexiuss

Adamant citadel zoom

Angel of the Twilight by Vinartium

Angel of the twilight

Butterfly by nicobou


Much like Clockwork by grau gestreift

Much like clockwork

Matt20 Fantasy Desktop Wallpapers

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