Google Chrome Review, Looks Nice And Works Fast

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The satan strikes gain and it is the browser that it wants us to use now. Google used to be my favorite company and it still is to some extent but the way they are going reminds me of IBM and Microsoft. Google has launched its first web browser which for some reason has a logo that further reminds me of Microsoft (read evil).

The First Impression

Google Chrome is a simple browser which was has been launched by the Google because they think that the present browsers can be improved. The news about the launch was leaked by the Blogoscoped and the web was on fire with all the rumors and speculations.

I downloaded this latest web browser last night and have been playing with it since then. I have liked its clean layout which keeps my focus only on the content I want to read. The installation is pretty similar to what we get when we install google pack. There was however the same old nagging about importing bookmarks, passwords and other stuff from Firefox (or other browsers).

I didn’t like the look of the Google Chrome when I saw the images that were leaked and circulated on blogosphere but my apprehensions soon came to end when I saw it live on my system. The layout was cool, pretty sleek and glossy. The blue layout somehow succeeds in distinguishing itself from the internet explorer.

What did we like about it?

We are fairly impressed with Google Chrome and there are many good things about it. The best thing was that it was pretty easy on my system as Chrome was not hogging the system resources like my Firefox does. I could drag and play with on all over my desktop and it was still very okay and light. Other thing I liked about it was that it gives me ample space to view the webpages.

The titlebar is non-existent and there was no toolbar to take away the precious real estate on my desktop. Of course, that will change once Stumbleupon and SEO Quake toolbar becomes compatible with Chrome. There was no navigation toolbar as well and the counterpart option to make appropriate changes has been provided at the right hand side of the address bar.

The tabs are fun to play with in Google Chrome as you could change the tab place to and fro with just dragging while you could also make a window out of a tab by dragging the tab outside the tab bar.

What is under the hood?

Seriously, Google Chrome is still a long way from becoming my default web browser. I have gotten so used to some of the extensions on Firefox that I can’t just think about moving to some other browser. Google will need some serious support from the community to get it to the stage where people like me would adopt it. In spite of all this Google Chrome does have some features to boast about.

Google Chrome acts more like an operating system rather than a browser and the way it handles various tabs has completely floored me. Firefox hogs up lot of system resources and it does get slow when I open lot of tabs but Chrome seemed completely unperturbed by this.

Google Chrome handles each tab as a standalone application and it doesn’t interfere the one with other. It has a task manager too and you can kill any unresponsive tab in it without disturbing other tabs.

It also saves some space by incorporating search bar into address bar. You can put your search query in the address bar and it suggests you relevant results while you can press enter to get to the results page on Google (or the website of search engine you are using). Google Chrome has definitely saved a lot of space by making these adjustments.

The bookmarking in Google Chrome is not very different from the one we see in Firefox 3. You click on the star besides addressbar and that page is bookmarked. The only difference here is that the star button is at the left hand side while it is at right hand side in Firefox.

It has a quick navigation like the ones we see in Opera which means you get to see links you visit often when you open a new tab.

It has Google Gears integrated throughout so that I can save the Google Gears supported applications and go offline anytime. I found it pretty handy while using Google Reader.

Privacy has been taken care by adding a private mode called Incognita and it seems going the p0rn mode is the way forward to get more users as recently launched Internet Explorer 8 also happens to have similar functionality.

Google Chrome also has a Mozilla Prism like functionality where you can open the webpages like an application from your desktop.

What we didn’t like about it?

Actually there are many things that we didn’t like about Google Chrome but it won’t be too wise to compile a list like “101 things that Google Chrome lacks.”

All we want is that “Google does no evil” towards its users. Matt Cutts has elaborately blogged about the security objections that people have about it.

Google Chrome doesn’t warn me when I close multiple tabs and it would be great if Google adds this feature into it.

There is a Recover Session which didn’t worked for me in first instance but worked on the second. There is something that I need to check out more about it.

Final Words

All in all, Google Chrome has a very nice feel to it and we are ready to adopt it if some of the extensions like SEO Quake or even Stumbleupon are made compatible with it.

P.S. I have used Google Chrome to write this post.

MattGoogle Chrome Review, Looks Nice And Works Fast

2 Comments on “Google Chrome Review, Looks Nice And Works Fast”

  1. Prof. K Blackman

    mines perfect runs a treat and i have got Google chrome portable to so i can put it on my thumb drive and use it any were its a stand alone EXE Application and is 11.95MB so very small its great i am a bit of a IT tech wizard so i like to edit things and make programs and edit them its great fun i have edited Google chrome in a way that all my saved password and history data ECT… is safe from sites and hackers but sorry i can upload it because of terms and conditions + privacy issues and i could lose my job so yea sorry i cant hand out edited editions that are safe unlike the original copy that Google uploaded that was not safe at all. Thank You Google for bringing out this browser. but they should have done more tests and tweaked the software a bit more!

    Prof. K Blackman

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