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Docly: Docly is your online web 2.0 copyrighting machine that enables creating & copyrighting documents online. Basically it is an online word processor that provides the facility of creating as well as copyrighting your online documents. It assigns copyrights (both All Rights Reserved and Creative Commons) licenses to all published Docly Documents. You can even share or sell your copyrighted documents through the website itself.

Google Docs: Google Docs is a multi-purpose, multi tasking, a revolutionary & state of the art, FREE online document creation software. It is a ‘partial’ Microsoft Office on web. Yes, with google docs you can create, share & manage your office documents at anytime & almost anywhere.

Google Docs basically allows to create &/or upload the following four types of office documents viz.

  • MS Word Files(.txt, .doc, .rtf, .odt, .sxw )
  • MS PowerPoint Files(.ppt, .pps)
  • SpreadSheets (MS Excel Files(.xls) & OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods) )
  • Forms

Users can upload their own documents for universal access. It ensures complete privacy since the documents created/uploaded by you cannot be edited unless you explicitly grant permissions for the sharing & access of your files. Google Docs also provide a Folder based layout like what we see in the operating systems. Moreover, the Ajax enabled Google Docs service allows you to view the changes in real time without letting you refresh your browser window manually.

Although currently there is no image editing feature available in Google docs but still we think it is worth having it, after seeing the global access, security & usability of this great google product which comes with almost infinite storage space that google provides.

Koolwire: Though not as big as Google Docs is, still this online conversion & file sending tool has much to offer. Koolwire allows you to email files from your computer. You can also convert your the compatible files into the following four types of file system i.e pdf, rtf, rtf(doc), wav & mp3.

GreenDOC: is a simple online document tool that allows creating, saving & publishing simple online Word Documents. It is also a document search engine where you can search & access the documents created by others on GreenDOC.

Orangoo: It is a free online Spell checking tool by which you can check the spelling of your text documents online. It even allows to spell check the entire website by just entering its URL. You can also obtain the spell check report right in your mailbox.

Zamrar: It is another online file conversion tool that allows converting an uploaded file into a similar format provided in the website itself. You can obtain the output in your mailbox.

SmartSheet: It allows creating documents along with features such as history tracking & task assignment.

Flickr: Flickr is an online photo storage tool that features a lot of cool stuff other than just uploading the images. You can upload new images, create albums, slideshows, browse & embed the stuff uploaded by others.

Adobe Photoshop Express: This is the online version of the popular desktop based Adobe Photoshop image editing tool.

SplashCast: Now create online media slideshows & broadcast them to your selected audience who have SplashCast on their computer systems. It is like a virtual TV! It is a peer-to-peer service that allows enables creating & broadcasting media slideshows as well as viewing the stuff created by others(permission based).

EdwardBest Online Document & Media Sharing Tools

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