How To Install Windows XP On Dell Inspiron 1525

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No matter how much Linux has become user-friendly and Windows Vista has put on lipstick, Windows XP is still the most reliable and user-friendly operating system. Since designers and developers need to use many high RAM consuming applications like Photoshop, so it’s wise to use Windows XP which doesn’t waste CPU on unwanted visual effects.

Since Windows XP is no longer officially available so you will have tough time installing Windows XP on your new laptop like I did. I recently bought Dell Inspiron and I lost quite a lot of my hair while trying to install Win XP in it.

You will face problems while configuring the system as well because many computer manufacturers do not provide Windows XP drivers now. So if you have bought a new machine and are planning to downgrade to Windows XP from Windows Vista then you beware of the challenges.First of all you’ll obviously try to install Win XP by putting in its CD in the CD Drive of your laptop. The Windows will start copying files to your system initially and after some time you will get some error like this “Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3.”

This is the first bummer you’ll need to handle. You basically get this error because your Dell Inspiron comes with AHCI setting enabled in the BIOS Settings. You can safely change this setting to ATA in order to install Windows XP. You will be prompted to Disable “Flash Cache Module” which is just another BIOS setting. You can disable this setting because it is mainly meant for Windows Vista and since you don’t want it so you don’t need it either.

This will pave way for smooth Windows XP installation and the next challenge will be to find the Dell Inspiron 1525 drivers for Windows XP.

This tweak will work for other computers as well which do not come with Windows XP support now.

You can find some of the Windows XP drivers from the Dell Support site but in case those drivers don’t work for you then you may download certain drivers from Rapidshare as well.

Audio Drivers (8 MB)

Card Reader Drivers (3 MB)

Chipset Drivers (2 MB)

Ethernet Drivers (1 MB)

Graphics Drivers (15 MB)

HMDI Drivers (17 MB)

Modem Drivers (2 MB)

Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio (55 MB)

WLAN Drivers (50 MB)

Bluetooth Drivers (98 MB)

I have tried all the Rapidshare links and they work pretty well on my Dell Inspiron. I hope it helps you in installing Windows XP which is still very much relevant. Do tell us if you need more help regarding this.

MattHow To Install Windows XP On Dell Inspiron 1525

50 Comments on “How To Install Windows XP On Dell Inspiron 1525”

  1. Harrison

    I followed another website, but this tutorial helped me a lot too. 1 problem though, my USB 2.0 no longer works, I only have USB 1.1. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but please email me with a response. thank you!

  2. Kevissen

    hi, thanks for the tutorials… really help. i was kind of stuck and didnt know what to do… its was real luck that i came across your post…. also thanks for the links for the drivers.. tried downloadfing frm Dell Website it took ages to download… thanks thanks thanks

  3. Trevor

    I did not have such a problem when i tried to downgrade (luckly) but unfortunately i put the windows disk in proceeded to run the setup deleted all partitions and tried to install windows on the c: partition now this install went thru the normal install but when it tried to start windows after finished it showed the windows loading screen for about 15 seconds then a blue screen with writing on it quickly flashes and the computer reboots just to end up doing the same thing over and over if anyone knows how to rectify this please email me @ thank you

  4. Ray

    Somehow i managed to Install XP on my New Inspiron 1525 notebook, but facing some issues like Graphics and internet Connection. Graphics is manageable but Internet is causing huge problem.Exactly speaking when i am trying to connect it says Internet Connected,but when i try open a site it always say Cannot find this page.the service providers broke their head and finally said its problem with drivers which connectInternet.Can anyone help me out….

  5. Mirwais Ahmadzai

    when I intsert XP CD it loads the prior files and when the widows starting screen appears it stop there. any option

  6. deepak

    h i installed xp on my inspiron 1525 all drivers working well but m having problem installing wireless drivers. when i go for installing drivers for wireless netwrk it shows up a dialog box saying no compatible hardware found like that…any solution..??

  7. channa

    I have dell inspiron 1525 machine, i changed the BIOS setting as mentioned , when i booted from CD to install XP, i got the message press any key to boot from CD when i pressed return key i could see the following message:”Scanning system registry blah blah” then a blank screen after that nothing happens. Could not one tell me what could the problem, you help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. channa

    I have dell inspiron 1525 machine, i changed the BIOS setting as mentioned , when i booted from CD to install XP, i got the message press any key to boot from CD when i pressed return key i could see the following message:”Scanning system registry blah blah” then a blank screen after that nothing happens. Could anyone tell me what could the problem, your help will be greatly appreciated.
    I am behind this from one month but could not get a solution.
    Please mail me at

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. David

    Thankyou so much for posting this tutorial it was a huge help, i had spent about three days searching for a way to get xp on my laptop and i just couldn’t find anything so if it wasn’t for you posting this tutorial and me finding it i don’t think i could have ever done it!

  10. Schnook

    Seriously dude you are a life saver! I have tried I don’t know how many times to install WinXP and all I needed to do was change 2 simple BIOS setting.

  11. Sushaantu

    Time to respond to all the comments here:
    @Trevor If you are installing Windows Vista then I believe its normal. Your computer reboots multiple times when Vista installation is taking place.

    @Miodus Have you tried using the drivers on Rapidshare (link given in post)?

    @Schnook Thanks man. I also faced similar problem and I did this tutorial to help folks like me who still wanna use Win XP.

    @Ashwani Sanwal Yeah, I think everything else was pretty comprehensible except the BIOS settings.

    @David You are welcome. I am glad so many people benefited from this post.

  12. sap

    I still cant get xp to load after the tutorial,i changed the bios settings and still get a f6 third party error…..i remember when dells were the shit… they are just shit.

  13. sushil raina

    dear, a link in the dell website shows an order in which to install the drivers. does this have an effect? could you please mention the order in which to install the files that have been posted by you on the rapidshare. thanks a lot for everything.

  14. korosh(from iran)

    Hi Thank u so mutch for your help abauot xp instalation on 1525 .
    but now i have a problem with may Blue tooth! . I have all original Dell CD for may set and i installed all of them but it’s B-T don’t work!!!(no on vista or xp)

  15. Shriikant

    Thanx for providing this tutorial. this is very useful. I have downgraded my Dell inspiron form Vista to XP. Now its working very nice with XP. I don’t like Vista. Xp is best. Thanx again.

  16. Barry

    Thank you for the tutorial. I have everything working except for Bluetooth and the SD Card reader. Is there anyone who has the card reader working?

  17. imozi

    I have a problem. i installed windows Xp on a del desktop which had window 2000 running, after i finish the installation. the blue screen comes up when i try to boot.

    during installation i notice many errors such as cannt copy this or that..this cd works fine on other pc.s

  18. Afuru

    Thank you very much.
    I was able to get through the first huddle very nicely and the BIOS setting tip was the most important of all.
    However, my machine is not accepting my XP key at all, I am sure it is a genuine XP key. Is this anything to do with the downgrade hussle?

  19. Afuru

    Thanks thanks thanks!!!
    I managed to install it finally, thanks to this tutorial. U saved me from spending $100 to fix this.
    God bless you.

  20. hade

    hi.I install windows XP on my dell inspiron 1520 laptop it work properly for a long time but know i have a problem on the system, so i decided to reinstall windows XP but it give me an error when try to fix it on my PC. WHAT CAN I DO?

  21. Akhil

    First of all thanks a ton man.
    I have installed win xp as per your instruction and installed drivers successfully except only ont i.e. Audio driver which i have downloaded from dell’s site and your site as well but everytime it shows same message “this driver doesn’t support your system”. All other drivers are getting install only audio driver is giving problem.
    Could you please tell me possible solution for that.


  22. jhooka

    Reinstalling Windows XP or Vista using OEM Windows Operating System Reinstallation Discs.

    Recently, my Dell Dimension 4400 finally gave out. I couldnt even find my reinstall Disc. I ordered a new disc and reloaded my system.
    I also found out that the Dell Reinstallation Disks will install on any system, And they will install on any Dell computer Activated without entering a product key.
    How to reinstall windows xp or vista onto your dell.

    Step 1. Use the disc that came with your Dell computer to reinstall windows. No need to call a computer Tech anymore. You have everything you need at your fingertips!

    Pre: Make sure you download the Ethernet and / or Wireless Networking driver from and save it on a disk, flash drive, CD etc.

    A: Look at the Windows Product Key sticker on your Dell PC. Write down the version of Windows.

    B: Take your Dell Windows Reinstallation CD/DVD and insert it into the cd/dvdrom drive.

    C: Press F12 during bootup. Choose boot from CD/DVDRom.

    D: Follow onscreen instructions and reload windows.

    If you dont have a Reinstallation CD/DVD, you can go to: or Dell for a replacement.

    The Second Step: Follow windows Prompts and Reinstall Windows.

    The Third Step: Reinstall the Network drivers then go to and download the rest of the drivers for your PC. Once all the drivers are downloaded. You can install them one by one.

    Now your system should be Completely clean and new!

  23. Sagar Thapa

    hi thnx for guide…and can u plz say were to download drivers for dell inspiron 1525 except rapidshare

  24. Bonny

    Thank you thank you thank you. I was starting to hate my pretty yellow Inspiron. Now I love it again. You rock.

  25. Prashanth

    Bypassing Dell’s Download manager works great. I just cut the ftp link which is a part of their dl manager –, which just does not resolve for some reason!

  26. Ratan

    Thanks a lot for the tip. But do u have to set it back to AHCI and enable flash cache if u want to install Vista / windows 7, or the same settings will work for them too ? Thanks again for the post

  27. G C

    Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 and it would not start up Window. A message came up with, “We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have cause this”. I chose “Start Windows Normally” to restart, but getting the same message. Do I need to use the installation CD (Windows XP or Vista) to re-install the laptop?

  28. tracey

    i have managed to downgrade from vista to xp on my dell inspiron 1525, all drivers are done except for webcam and bluetooth, i got these from the dell site but they dont seem to want to work, when i try to use cam it says to connect camera, HELP i am going to smash the laptop with a hammer soon grrrrr

  29. Willie Matthews

    I was having a hell of a time trying to figure out why I couldn’t find the hard drive for the XP install. Thanks for the help and the drivers.

  30. Jeffery

    Thank you so much! I’ve installed Windows on many systems, and had no idea how to fix this. I had the same problem on my Sony Vaio laptop, but instead of fighting with it I’m using vista. Now I may change to XP!

  31. naveen jangra

    please provide driver of dell inspiron 1525 laptop for window 7 . graphics . and chipset driver

  32. Afzal

    Hi all,
    Just bought a Dell inspi, with windows 7 (i hate this OS).

    I would like to know, if i make a partition and install XP, both the OS will be working???
    And anyone kindly explain me how to make a partition on a new laptop. it is already having a drive “c” and full 500gb is with “c”. how to make a partition now???

    please help me…

    1. Robert (Bob) Shankie

      You hate 7??? Good grief, you should try Vista. After Vista, I love 7. I do also love XP. Depends on the hardware. My HP is everything I’ve wanted and that includes Win7. My Inspiron 1525 on the other hand is a DOG with Vista, but I expect it to be really good machine with XP.
      Vista is just a beta of 7 (IMHO).
      Win7 requires a lot of horsepower and resources. Given them, it WORKS.
      Vista is same sort of hog, just not as good of one, and even when it works, it is NOT anywhere near as bullet proof as either 7 or XP. On an Inspiron, I am not surprised that 7 doesn’t work all that good. I’ve only put up with Vista on my Dell because until now I didn’t see any easy downgrade path. Now that I do, I’ll try it. I’d love it if it works.
      Soeaking of working, what about XP and dual core?? That still work, or am I down to one core??? Not that that really matters. It will likely still be better than Vista.

  33. Robert (Bob) Shankie

    This looks like the best info I’ve seen about anything.
    I’ve wanted to try this on my dog, but all I could find were nightmare stories and technical programming stuff that went over my head (168 Hours Credit at UofM in E.E., CIS, and Math). This OLD techie from the good old days of MS-DOS can hopefully handle . Just two minor details. First I believe folks should take note of the above mention of an order for installing drivers on such a scale on Dell’s site. Second, this old file leach is on a minisual (sp?) SSD budget and would appreciate a free site for the drivers. Perhaps a list of them that will let me find them myself. My terms of service do not allow me to install P2P software.
    Thanks for the best info I’ve seen for anything.

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