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10 Top Windows XP Themes

There are so many themes for Windows XP but for some reason finding the best ones is not very easy. The boring default Windows XP theme is just that…boring and no matter what if you want your Windows system to look good visually and aesthetically, getting a new theme is the best thing you should do after installing Windows XP.

Most of the visual styles made for XP do not resonate natively and thus picking the one which suits best to your eyes along with wallpaper is not that easy as it sounds. I did some spooking here and there in my hard disk where I had downloaded some of the Windows XP themes so that I can share the best of all with you.

Windows Royale is the only official theme for Windows XP other than the default one which comes preinstalled. This is also by fat the best theme because of its no nonsense design and visual style. The glossy blue adds some visual energy into the desktop.

Windows 7 theme transforms the visual style of your XP desktop into yet-to-launch Windows 7 Operating System. There are some other visual styles based on Windows 7 for XP as well but this one seems to be the the best of all. This one does have some bugs, but they won’t mind you a lot.

Royale Hybrid

If you are fond of Royale Theme then you’ll probably like this one too. Royale Hybrid has the same shine, color and glow as we see in Royale.

Windows Vista

There are like hundred of themes based on Windows Vista for XP but I like it slightly better than the others. The only reason why I prefer Windows Vista themes for XP is because of that round Orb of Wiondows logo for start menu.

Tener Visual Style

This theme is pretty fresh and somehow manage to stand out from other dark themes for Windows XP.


The difficult thing about a black theme is that the finer nuances of the theme goes un-noticed because of the color. Concave however is not like others which does manage to make you notice it. One of the best dark Windows XP theme ever.


This theme comes in two color variants, black and vlue. I have chosen blue to take the screenshot. This theme in one way suggests that no matter what visual style you have used, it can never get noticed without a beautiful wallpaper.

Royal Red

Just another black theme which looks pretty fine with a red wallpaper.


This Windows XP is different from others in the whole feel and the visual style.

Plex Mas

This one is bonus XP theme for the Christmas season. You can see the snow on the top of window.

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  1. drlive

    Thank n nice merry christmas

    • Edwin Jun Ganal in reply to drlive

      how can i download concave themes?? please can you please tell it to me.

  2. I really like the Concave theme,
    Defiantly a very nice design.

  3. too much nice themes

  4. vs

    Windows xp default theme is one of the best ever. All presented by you are boring.

  5. Payal Hasan

    Concave is really a wonderful theme.

  6. [...] is not as much variety found in CD Art Display Themes as it is in Windows XP Themes but the ones that are available are reason enough to try different skins. You can find some of the [...]

  7. rithul

    dude the 7 and vista themes work properly but the start menu has not changed…its still the same as xp…??…how to change it…

  8. shafu

    guys xp is really cool……concave is a good 1 ….

  9. Raja Umar

    guys … what is the way to install icons in WINDOWS XP?

  10. Bijaymania

    concave is the beast one among theses…

  11. I like this…It’s cool! 7, think it the best.

  12. Steve

    I scoured the net for days looking for a cool theme. I had vista and yup it was quite crappy for gaming even w sli so i think i’ve found a few gems. Try out Watercolor Emico: Blue looks like xp only smaller more highlights and a simplistic design not overbearing but just nice. Also try out SuaveOS its orange and blue with nice setup and simplistic design, Clearlooks Gummy its like linux only windows im not a huge linux fan but this design is very cool only complaint is the start menu looks like crap.

  13. guys … what is the way to install icons in WINDOWS XP?

  14. Marie

    les beau theme pour xp sont rare moi je suis tomber en amour avec vista darker edition 2009 mais ce qui me fait chier c’est que mon processeur n’est pas compatible avec mon petit ordi .. Chien mais réel .. Alors je devrai attendre de m’en procurer un meillieur .. En attendant bien je aire a chercher un thême noir sombre un peux comme darker edition mais faut pas trop charrier sinon mon ordi le prendra pas .. :(
    Entk en plus jai remarqué que la plupart des furum il ecrivait tous la meme chose allez sur crystal.xp qui personellement je trouvve que c,est dla marde .. Les thème on lair vieux en plus avec ceux du mac beurcckk.. Je cherchais plus un de linux noir j’en avais vue un je sais qui etais pour xp mais je catchais pas y s’installais pas jlai pris sur … windows quelque chose .org qui contient de spyweere.. serieux moi je commence a me lasser de la barre ble et le piton demarrer de windows :(

  15. concave……its really awesome……love this theme
    its better than xp,vista,n windows 7 when compared to themes

  16. Keshav

    WOW..i like the “concave” theme…i’t awesome..thx dude…

  17. jean

    to change the icons for programs is very easy click the current icon hit customize and pick what one u want many are available online if you dont have any to change it over to.
    now to change your actual xp icons such as local disc c for example is much harder as u need to edit your registry and its complicated. my husband did all of his but i leave mine how they are as i could care less what they look like but if you google it there are good guides to teach you step by step how to do it..hope this helps :)

  18. diler

    very nice themes

  19. default blue

    concave is the best

  20. Edwin Jun Ganal

    how can i download the concave theme??? could you please tell it to me??

  21. concave rocks man but can u show some more themes live the concave one

  22. sonu 09315121800

    best themes

  23. aggressor18

    i cant Download concave it say u dont have permison ….

  24. Hassan

    concave is awsomw pwsum

  25. Jaldeep Patel

    Guys please help me for installation this Themes..
    I am newbie so i dont understand how to install this Themes…
    So any one suggest me to how to install this THEME ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  26. webstar

    dam gud guys xp rocks and the themes rock

    and patel…. this then restart ya pc and apply the skin its that simple

    • yo sorry patel this is the link —————————-

  27. asish mohapatra

    ur website is my first place from where i have taken a theme and it is working i am very very happy and i wishes u to make more great themes i thank u very much
    and if u have any more windows 7 or windows vista themes for xp please send me a email

  28. Thanks for the best windows xp themes!!!

  29. arush

    how can we download themes of windows 7 in windows xp

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