10 useful SEO Plugins For WordPress

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If you are always trying to find new ways of getting more hits to your wordpress blog, you might consider making it search engine friendly. Thats where this list comes in handy with some of the best plugins for wordpress that will make your rank better in search engines.

All in One SEO Pack: Take control of your meta descriptions and page titles . You can also post tag with categories. All In One SEO Pack i sthe most popular SEO related plugins because of the essential functions it allow you to perform.

Ultimate Tag Warrior: Ultimate Tag Warrior helps you to add tag which are recognized by search engine like technorati, to each of your post. UTW provides you with a few different options for entering tags, including simply typing your tags when you are entering the post.

Google Sitemap Generator: Google and other search engines use XML sitemaps to find and index all the pages of websites and blogs. By default your WordPress blog does not create an XML sitemap. With this plugin the process is automated. Additionally, it automatically updates the XML file whenever you publish a new post.

Related Entries: Puts up related entries of your post throughout similar tags and words. Good for SEO because more links within the site, great deep linking.Your post will automatically include links related to the post.

SEO Title Tag: Overrides several limitation in creating search engine optimized title tags for blog posts and for Pages in the WordPress blogging platform.

Landing Sites: When visitor is referred to your site from a search engine, they are definitely looking for something specific often they just roughly check the page they land on and then closes the window if what they are looking for isn’t there.

Antisocial: Antisocial is a more SEO friendly version of the very popular Sociable plugin. It adds nofollow tags to the links created by the plugin to social media sites.

Google Sitemap- UTW Tag Addon: This plugin is a WordPress 2.0.4 plugin that automatically adds the UltimateTagWarrior tags onto the end of the google sitemap XML file as produced by the Google Sitemap plugin. It adds no-follow tags to the links created by the plugin to social media sites.

WordPress SEO Master: The SEO Master has two modules, the nofollow module and the meta module. Like some of the other plugins listed, it will let you add and customize meta tags, but it will also let you tell WordPress to add nofollow tags to different types of links.

Sitemap Generator Plugin: No, this is not the same thing as #5. This plugin creates a sitemap that human visitors will be able to use, rather than an XML sitemap, which is created for search engines. This type of sitemap also has SEO purposes as it will place a link to every page or post on your blog, not to mention the fact that it’s helpful for visitors.

Jyoti10 useful SEO Plugins For WordPress

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  1. Digital

    All in One SEO pack is amazing because you can have custom Title and Meta tags. I also use related entries so the visitor can experience everything on the website/blog.

  2. Dave

    Excellent thanks for sharing, my favorite is by far the all in one seo pack but the others aren’t bad, particularly the google sitemap addon.

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