10 WordPress Plugins For Google Adsense

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WordPress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins. Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program and proper custom integration with WordPress can help to increase Adsense earnings. Many blogs survive through the google adsense. Now we have gathered 10 WordPress plugins which help you implement, control and overview AdSense ads on your blog.

Adsense Deluxe: AdSense Deluxe is very easy to use plugin for WordPress blog platform for quickly inserting Google Adsense code or Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN) ad codes into your blog posts. Option menu on WordPress Administration panel to control when and where those ads are displayed. Easily switch all adsense ads to a new color scheme across the entire site.

Adsense Beautifier: Adsense Beautifier is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to make your Adsense Ads look beautiful by placing images besides them. Adding images adjacent to Ads can help increase click through rate. This plugin also be integrated with adsense Deluxe plugin.

Adsense Inline: This plugin can display AdSense ads inline with your blog posts. A new Quicklinks button is created. When pressed within a new entry your AdSense ads will be inserted. Remember, Google only allows three ads per page so don’t get too carried away.

Adsense Widgets For WordPress Sidebar: Google AdSense widget designed for the new WordPress Sidebar Widgets plug-in. Means it adds AdSense to your WordPress sidebar in the form of a widget.

AdRotator WordPress plugin: It rotates your adsense ads with other affiliate programs like Chitika Eminimalls wherever you want. Helps to reduce ad blindness and test different ad formats and affiliate programs.

Adsense Manager: Adsense Manager, a wordpress plugin to handle adsense ads easily on your blog. Adsense manager plugin provides less troublesome step for those doesn’t know very well HTML coding. Plus more, this adsense manager plugin doesn’t like other adsense plugin which requires the blog user to copy and paste the adsense code. All you need is fill in your Google Adsense Account ID only and create a single ads block.

Author Adsense MU Plugin: Webmasters of WordPress MU sites can generate adsense revenue from hosted blogs as this script allows you to set an admin ID and the ratio of admin ads to blogger’s ads.

Google Ad Wrap: It’s wraps posts and comments inside Section Targeting tags for better targeted ads.

Shylock Adsense : Shylock is a wordpress plugin that allows you to insert Adsense ads on your blog without modifying the template. Set it up to show different Adsense ads for articles older then ‘n’ days. E.g. insert a 468×60 ad at the bottom of a new article for regular readers, and replace with higher paying 336×280 ad after 7 days for the search engine visitors.

Adsense Injection: AdSense Injection plugin which will automatically insert AdSense into your WordPress blog entry in a different position each page view, reducing the chance of banner blindness on your blog . This plugin simply replaces paragraph breaks with your Adsense Banner. Currently it supports Adsense only.

Jyoti10 WordPress Plugins For Google Adsense

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