5 Useful WordPress Plugins For Google Adsense

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Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program and proper custom integration with WordPress can help to increase Adsense earnings. Now on this post we have describe 5 useful wordpress plugin for google adsense. Few weeks ago we did a "10 WordPress Plugins For Google Adsense ". WordPress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins.

Adsense Integrator : The Adsense Integrator plugin supports lot of programs other then adsense like AdBrite, AffiliateBOT, SHAREASALE, LinkShare, ClickBank, Oxado, Adpinion, AdGridWork, Adroll, Commission Junction, CrispAds, ShoppingAds, Yahoo!PN so this can be used when you are looking to have adsense as well as other alternatives. The rest of the features of the plugin are same where you give your adsense code into options field and it get inserted into blog posts.

All In One Adsense And YPN : This is one of the most powerful adsense plugin for wordpress. Jut like other plugins, you can use this to insert your ads in the post but the plugin has some really good features like randomness which shows ad at random location in your blog which reduces ad blindness for viewers. You can also stop ads being shown on some pages using tags.

Adsense Now : Other then the previous plugins , you can also give it a try to Adsense now. I haven’t used it (I have only used the first two) so its difficult to comment on it. It looks to be a lightweight plugin which insert adsense ads between posts and in posts body.

Adsense Manager : Adsense Manager is one of the most popular and used plugin to manage adsense in wordpress blogs. Infact its newer version not only supports adsense, it also supports various other programs like adbrite, Commission Junction, YPN etc which makes it very powerful ad management plugin. You can inject adsense code anywhere in your blog posts as well as can put in different regions of your blog.

Easy Adsense : Easy adsense is one of the new wordpress adsense plugin and that is why more feature rich. You can have different code for different themes using this plugin. It also support link units. To know all features, check out the plugin page.

Jyoti5 Useful WordPress Plugins For Google Adsense

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